Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts


3/18/1964, Bronx, New York

Birth Name

Adam Glasser



Also Known As

Seymore Butts
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A Santa Monica High School graduate, Adam ran a gym and worked as a personal trainer. When he decided to rent out the space for Hollywood film shoots in order to make some extra money, an adult film producer was one of the takers. Adam asked to stay…more


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      Seymore Butts is used to pointing the camera at beautiful women and extracting from them the best sexual performances possible. Now it's his turn to be the focus of attention in a revealing eight-page article featured in the September issue of Playgirl magazine. "God Created Adam" offers a revealing look into the world of Adam "Seymore Butts" Glasser.

      Photographer, Paul Sarkis, is BEHIND the camera for a SPREAD in September's PlayGirl featuring Adam Glasser (Seymore Butts). Grant Stoddard interviews Adam about all the stuff we just need to know! Not just about his family (business), but his relationship with Mirna (MariPossa) and the story BEHIND the BUTTS.
      An eight-page, "God Created Adam" feature is certain to fly off the shelves as Adam is admired (is that the word I'm looking for?) by women and men, for all sorts of reasons.
      In the adult film industry fifteen years, Adam/Seymore has been an intelligent, sensitive and outspoken voice for free speech. Whether you partake in the industry or do not, his respect is for everyone. His films have been touted as "educational" tools because they are not abusive, he does not condone or allow personal abuses (drugs/alcohol) and he requires regular HIV/STD testing. He has also instituted a challenging new format for adult filming in openly using condoms and insisting people will still watch and still enjoy, perhaps more so knowing the reality of it is even more real.

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