Seymour Cassel





1/22/1935 , Detroit Michingan, USA

Birth Name




Seymour Cassel is an American actor and producer born Seymour Joseph Cassel on January 22, 1935, in Detroit, Michigan. His parents were Seymour Joseph Cassel and Pancretia Ann. His prominence began in the 1960s through the independent films of John Cassavettes with Shadows giving him his debut appearance. He costarred with Cassavettes in Too Late Blues in 1961, The Webster Boy in 1962 which was followed by an appearance in an episode of The Loyd Bridges Show titled A Pair of Boots. He later played Colonel Gumm's henchman, "Cancelled" in the series Batman in the 1960s and A Piece of the Action, alongside Bruce Lee and Van Williams. Seymour co-starred in NBC TV series Heist in 2006 and ran for national president of the Screen Actors Guild in 2007. Seymour has acted in a total of more than 200 films, movies and TV titles. Some of his latest works include The Call, Silver Case, Pate Smalls is Dead, Staten Island, Irene in Time, Chasing 3000, Reach for Me, Lonesome Jim, Bittersweet Place and Thanksgiving.

  • © 2006 NBC Universal Photo
  • © 2006 NBC Universal Photo