Shailene Woodley





11/15/1991 , Simi Valley, California, USA

Birth Name

Shailene Diann Woodley




Born in Simi Valley, California, Shailene grew up with her parents Lonnie and Lori along with her younger brother Tanner. This hazel-eyed beauty with brown hair still resides in her birth place. Shailene attended Valley View Middle School and is currently homeschooled.

Her first role was on Replacing Dad (1999) as Little Girl. Shailene's most well-known role was Kaitlyn Cooper on The O.C.. She also made several appearances on Crossing Jordan as Young Jordan. Shailene currently stars in ABC Family's new TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

When she's not acting or going to school, Shailene likes writing scripts and making home movies, scrapbooking, and taking pictures. She also enjoys trying new things like parasailing, bungee jumping, and stunt flying.