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  • Worst character ever!

    Dealing with Julie is trouble enough we don\\\\\\\'t need a miniature version as a regular! I think that fox is trying to make her into the main focus of the show. She is moving home to take over Harbor, Ryan, Seth, and Summer are away at college, all at different ones no less. And to top it off, Marissa is dead! Where did they come up with this insane idea? Are they trying to make the show tank? Ryan is the main focus and the entire point of the show, what does Katlin have to do with it? If she ends up taking over the OC then I am done with this show and consider watching it a waste!
  • I love Shailene! She is so talented and should be a bigger star than she is!

    The first time I saw Shailene was in the American Girl: Felicity movie! I'm not ashamed that I'm 17 and like that movie! Felicity was always my favorite! Shailene was so good in that and I wondered if I would ever see her again. Now she's back in the secret life of the American Teenager. I can't wait to see it bc I love Shailene and John Schneider...I can't believe they're working together again. Shailene is talented and should be recognized more...all of the disney stars are rising to superstardom! We need a new teen idol out there...I hope she becomes one bc I'd definitely like to see more of her!
  • The Original Kaitlin Cooper

    Now that Shailene is all grown up, I think she would've played a great Kaitlyn Cooper. It sucks that she was replaced by Willa Holland, but Shailene has moved on to bigger and better things such as starring in Felicity: An American Girl Story. I think she did a great job at staying in character and maintaining her role. This 16 year old is a great actress compared to people her own age. She can play a whole variety of characters too and I can guarantee that we will expect to see more great things coming from her. Live live the original Kaitlyn Cooper! She makes me like horses. :)
  • Shailene Woodley is an amazingly talented actress, excelling in every role she has gotten.

    Shailene Woodley is one of my favourite actresses. She is a beautiful and extremely talented young lady. I have seen her performances ranging from her small appearance in "Not Another Teen Movie" to her starring role in "Felicity: An American Girl Adventure", and she is a pure joy to watch in them all. Shailene has true potential and an already large, growing fan base. I can not wait to see her in "Searching for Mickey Fish" and whatever else she has in store for us!
  • Shailene is a unique, one of a kind young actress, a person who loves acting, school, water sports and many other adventurous activities. Shailene (Shai) works hard to produce work that is respected and enjoyed by all.

    Shailene Woodley is an ambitious young lady who has a natural and practiced gift for acting. Working regularly since age five, Shailene has honed her craft with classes and continues to pursue excellence with training, observing the real \\\"pro\\\'s\\\" and keeping the passion for acting alive. Shailene knows she is blessed with the roles she has earned and feels fortunate to have had several great opportunities like \\\"Felicity: an American Girl Adventure,\\\" \\\"Jack and Bobby,\\\" and \\\"Crossing Jordan,\\\" amoung others. Most important to Shailene is the response she receives from Directors, Producers and viewers; while she enjoys acting, she wants to produce work that is highly respected by industry professionals and enjoyed by audiences.
  • If China is the prettiest pony, then why doesn't the mass of America ever get to see it?

    I've recently heard tell of an alleged spinoff that would revolve around this characther whose appearances on the wildly successful OC I could count on my hand. With what could be unforgettable lines like "I love China. She's the prettiest pony," Shailene takes them and flatlilnes them. It's as though we're sitting in an average American second grade Language Arts classroom listening to children trying to read. And we let her on our television screen? Please, FOX, stop trying to insult Americans this way, haven't you done enough? Lindsay Lohan is one of the only four people who can and should play mean girls, please don't equate a show with such talentless trash to such majestic comedy.