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  • Trivia

    • Shailene has said that when her mother was 18 years old, she saw a license plate that said "Shai", and she really liked it as a possible name for a child. Then she started adding different endings to it, and when she gave birth to her daughter later, she chose Shailene as her name.

    • She shares her birthday with many celebrities such as Edward Asner and American Idol's Ace Young.

    • Shailene is represented by the Savage Agency.

    • Shailene is against environmental littering.

    • She enjoys singing, acting, swimming, running, being with friends and going to the mall in her spare time.

    • She attended Valley View Middle School.

    • Her favorite actors are Jake Gyllenhall and Ewan McGregor. Her favorite actresses are Reese Witherspoon and Marcia Gay Harden.

      Shailene's favorite sport to watch is ice hockey and her favorite sport to play is basketball.

      Her favorite tv shows are Kyle XY, House, and Prison Break.

      Shailene's favorite movies are Dirty Dancing, Moulin Rouge, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Rent.

    • Shailene had never ridden on a horse until working on the set of Felicity: An American Girl Story.

    • In 2006, she was nominated the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special (Comedy or Drama) - Leading Young Actress for Felicity: An American Girl Adventure (2005).

    • In 2005, Shailene was nominated the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special - Leading Young Actress for A Place Called Home (2004).

    • Shailene Woodley's big break came from playing the popular American Girl character, Felicity Merriman, in the 2005 holiday TV movie Felicity: An American Girl Adventure.

  • Quotes

    • (at age 17 about premarital sex)
      Shailene: I've never been in love, so I've never been pressured to have sex. But I don't necessarily think you need to wait until marriage. Be careful, use precautions, and don't go against your moral code.

    • (On her role as a pregnant teenager in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager")
      Shailene: When I first heard I got the part, I said, "Yay, I get to wear the fat suit!"

    • (On Felicity in Felicity: An American Girl Story)
      Shailene: My character wasn't really one of the girls that would have etiquette lessons, but it was cool to learn how to curtsy and stuff.

    • (On advice for acting)
      Shailene: Don't start acting because it is the cool thing to do or because you want to be famous. Start acting if you feel that is what's right for you. Start acting if you believe in your heart that you are a good actor. You also need to be dedicated, otherwise you won't get anywhere.

    • (On her favorite actors)
      Shailene: I have a lot of respect for Dakota Fanning. I think she has lots of pressure on her and does a truly amazing job in every single work she does. There are many good actors out there. I think William Mapother is pretty amazing.