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  • jeans

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  • Overated.

    Like one song of hers.
  • Different

    She has a lot of energy and connects with the cams well. I like her fashion sense...
  • Best female singer in the world

    Did you know Hips dont Lie is the best selling single of the 21st Century?
    Shakira is awesome! Be it from whenever wherever to Waka Waka... she is plain awesome. She is my favourite female singer of all time and in my opinion she is the best.
    Sexy body, sexy voice, sexy dancing.... she is the Queen of pop/music (opposite MJ). I watch her songs on youtube everyday, going through the same ones. Loca is her latest album and it has a nice sunny theme. The video for She Wolf is one of the most creative, well crafted music videos ever created.

    How can a guy not like Shakira? She's better than Beyonce + Britney spears + Gaga COMBINED!!!
  • A decent singer.But over does the dancing.

    Well I don't know what to say.I am not a Shakira fan.Shakira is mostly good if you are a boy.I am a girl so Shakira isn't much with her moves.She shows off her butt and breasts too much.Well she isn't going into Britnany spears direction so we can put it that way.I am not all crazy about her but as I said before I am not a Shakira fan.So that is all I can really say.

    She is nothing more but a horrible singer and a decent face. i don't know who told her that she can sing but OH MY. I bought her CD and she sounds like a man in a chicken suit. Aih Aih Aih. Absolutely no talent except for shaking her hips and making men drool. Her hair looks like a tangled web and i am very sorry if I am offending anyone because I am only stating my opinion. Honesly, I think that when she shakes her hips, it's sort of repulsive! I don't know I just think that she is terribly overrated.
  • empty

    Shakira is a Spanish/English pop singer who now has worldwide fame. I love 1 or 2 of her songs but in the rest I actually find her voice really croaky at times and it really bothers me. It's like she has deep tesi-pops if you know what they are. I am sure that she is a good person and I hope that she continues her succes.
  • Shakira is a woman that will transcend in history!

    There are no words to describe Shakira really. I must say that Shakira did not start really well in the music business, her first two discs were not that great and later she try acting, nothing of success. A lot of people in her childhood tell her that her singing was bad and strange. And now look at her!

    Shakira is a really pretty woman and that her dancing style is pretty characteristic and really cool to see. I just love her! And I also love all what she is doing, she is doing a lot of things to help the poor (along with another Colombian singer, Juanes) and to make the world a better world. I also love Shakira's music. Its fantastic, my favorite song will be a battle between "Ojos Asi" or "Hips Don't Lie", but I also like other songs such as "Objection", "Whenever, Wherever", "Tu" and a lot more. Shakira is one of the all time great stars, and I am sure that Shakira will be one of those women who will be remember through history for her music and for her contributions to the world.
  • Everyone is too afraid to admit they want Shakira's body and voice (me counting)

    Shakira is just one of the best singers out there on the globe and her song Hips Don't Lie is just too good to be true. Shakira is so beautiful and I want her body. I also LOVED her Hips Don't Lie MTV VMA Awards 2006 dress. It was SO sexy on her! OMG, Shakira is just that one rare combo of perfect singer meets perfect body meets perfect style meets perfect attitude meets perfect brains (Shakira speaks 5 languages) to perfect dancer.... you get the point. Well, everyone just admit you're jealous of Shakira. I totally understand that feeling.
  • Shakira is one of the finest Colombian singers in the world!

    Shakira start off badly in her career with her first two albums, and after trying to act she come back with "Pies Descalzos" which finally prove that she was in fact a really good singer, and since then she has not stop to stop admiring her fans as every time that she seems to get to the top, she goes even higher, I don't know how she does it, I mean first it was everything about "Laundry Service" and no one I know think that she could overpass that success, but after "Hips Don't Lie" everyone that think this, was proven wrong, and well... I just love her! I think that she is really cool!
  • Shakira is very cool!

    Shakira is very unique. She actually reminds me so much of Kate Bush. If you all know who Kate Bush is, then you would probably understand what I mean. I mean that they both have very different voices. Shakira has an absolutely beautiful Latin American voice. Kate Bush has that absolutely beautiful high pitch British voice. It's hard to explain the difference between the two, but it's better explained when you hear their music. But Shakira reminds me of Kate Bush because of her unique singing abilities. Kate Bush has one of those rare voices, and so does Shakira. You see? I think they would sound awesome doing a duet together.
    Now, if you haven't heard of Kate Bush, read my review about her, and also read some information about her. Oh, and you can look for her music online. Look for her big hit song "Wuthering Heights" and listen to it. You'll see what I mean by this. Kate Bush and Shakira are both very different, but they have a lot in common with their voices and singing abilities! Way to go!
  • shakira is original who would hate her

    she beuatiful talented and good actress . she is very original . i luv shakira!
    ( iluv hips dont lie)This latin pop - rock is taking over the charts . And her dancing is so amzing (note: toself learn her dance moves )Her videos are so different then those other videos.She always gives amazing performances.I f anyone has a problem wit her take it up wit me okay!You would be a fool not to like her !luv u shaki!
  • Shakira's last album

    I like her last albums. Especially some of her songs, like Don\'t bother and Hips Don\'t Lie. I am dancing oriental too, and I find her dance is professional. It\'s beautiful, isn\'t it? Never thought that colombian girl will dance like that... Amazing!
    Her voice is original, I never liked latino music before I first heard her Wherever, Whenever song... It was something new for me, and I told everybody that I wanna look like Shakira... hehe. Now I found my own way in life, but still like her songs. It was the first colomdian pop-star I heard about. Anyway, I think everybody would listen to her last album.
  • I love Shakira!

    I think that Shakira is one of the best singers in the world, I love most of her songs, and I think that she is beautiful, sexy, and that she dances very great and everything, among my favorite songs are the songs, "La Tortura", "Dia de Enero", "Hip's Don't Lie", "Whenever, Wherever", "Underneath your clothes", and many, many others and I think that all of these sings are great, and I think that Shakira sings very good in English and in Spanish, and I think that she is one of the hottest people that I have ever have the pleasure to hear, and I think that her songs are the best ones that one could imagine...
    I love Shakira!
  • shakira's the best latin artist!! an also is the greatest international female singer.. she has to be colombian me!! QUE VIVA COLOMBIA Y SHAKIRA POR SUPUESTO!!

    shakira is the most original an talented star ever......she's pretty, sexy(but not a hooker), and she dances like noboby else in the hole worlD. what more can you ask to an artist?
    nothing she's complete...
    shake your humps shak
    q viva colombia! y por supuesto q viva shakira!!!
    todos los colombianos te adoramos.........
  • ay ay ay amor i love her so much i feel like she shued do movies she will be big but i don't want to see her in some poor lil spanish girl or some latin sexzy girl i want to her in a big drama movie in amrican cinima

    ay ay ay amor i love her so much i feel like she shued do movies she will be big but i don't want to see her in some poor lil spanish girl or some latin sexzy girl i want to her in a big drama movie in amrican cinima
  • She is the best!!

    Shakira Elizabeth Mebarak! That's her whole name! She was Born in Colombia!! She has one DELICIOUSLY curved body!! What I love most about her is that she is a one woman show!! If you see one of her concerts, prepare to be amazed!! She plays the drums, the electric guitar, she dances like the best!! Don't even get me started on her voice.. It's unique!! Just wow!! The way she moves her hips... just unbelievable!! The whole show is about her.. so no background dancers like Christina or Britney has!! Shakira doesn't need them!! She's enough entertainment.. and the blonde hair is just totally arrousing!! Her eyes are gorgeous!! The form of her lips.. and the tight nice round backside... GOD, she's PURRRRR- FECT!!