Shakira Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Shakira likes/dislikes:

      She admires Gloria Estefan.
      Her favorite band is U2. Her favorite kind of music is merengue.
      Her favorite Latin band is Soda Stereo.
      Her favorite actor is Hugh Grant. Her favourite color is black.
      Her favorite thing to paint is fried eggs.
      She likes to collect rings, she has more than 200.
      Her favorite flowers are daisy and sunflower.
      She likes chocolate balls.
      She loves to eat corozos, a little Colombian fruit that is sweet-sour.
      Her dream wedding is to dress in white and hold the ceremony on a beach.

      She doesn't eat candy. She doesn't drink coffee or alcohol.
      She hates to wear jewellery.
      She admits that she is very shy about her body and that her sexy videos do not represent the kind of woman she is.