Shalim Ortiz





2/26/1979 , San Jaun, Puerto Rico

Birth Name

Shalim Gerardo Ortiz Goyco




Shalim was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on 26 February 1979. At an early age he moved to Miami, Florida where he developed his skills in music and acting. He later joined the Thespian Society of Performing Arts and developed a passion for theater. He had already been part of a much successful television show called Los Angelitos (Little Angels).

Shalim's real passion lay in music, as well as acting. He wrote and became a renowned recording artist, delivering two productions combining his Spanish roots with Latin beats and influences from rock and ballads.

Parallel with Shalim's music career, he also guest-starred on several roles in shows such as Lizzie McGuire. This fulfilled Shalim's dream of combining his two passions of music and acting.

Shalim has appeared on hit shows like Heroes. He is making waves on the silver screens as well as on television.