Shana Wall

Shana Wall


6/27/1974, Tarzana, California

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Shana Wall


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Shana is an actress and model from Los Angeles, California and is a competitor on The Amazing Race 12. She has appeared as a model on several TV shows, and at one point was the girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest, from American Idol. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.more


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    • Jennifer: (after avoiding the oncoming bus in Leg 5 of The Amazing Race 12) Just relax.
      Shana: Oh my gosh, a bus nearly killed me! I'm sorry, I should relax!

    • Shana: (referring to Jennifer and herself) Both of us come from very comfortable lives. We have pedicures and manicures and facials, but coming here and throwing all that out the window, it just amazes me at what there is.

    • Jennifer: (arriving at the Roadblock on Leg 5 of The Amazing Race 12) Who's a good listener? I am.
      Shana: I think I am. You interpret things wrong!

    • Shana: (after using the U-Turn in Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) Jen, it's not about being nice. You wanna be out of the race because we're nice?

    • Jennifer: (referring to the goat on Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) He's not going to bite.
      Shana: How do you know that?
      Jennifer: Because they ram you. They don't bite you!

    • Shana: (to Jennifer at the chicken task on Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) It's not easy you know. They're gonna pluck you!

    • Shana: (on Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) We need to figure out a name for our chicken. Let's name our chicken Phil, because he's got Phil's hairdo!

    • Shana: (referring to the chicken on Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) He's cute, like Phil!

    • Shana: (after putting the pictures on the U-Turn sign in Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) Wow! That's a pretty good picture of us!

    • Shana: Jen and I don't look how we would like to look right now, but there's no alternative. There's a million dollars at stake and we will do anything to win!

    • Shana: This place is scary! Where are we going?
      Jennifer: To be sold to people... for money!

    • Shana: What's that perfume you're wearing? It's new.
      Jennifer: (laughs)
      Shana: Is that a new outfit?
      Jennifer: It's the Salon d'Afrique!

    • Jennifer: (at the Detour on Leg 2 of The Amazing Race 12) Good job, Shana.
      Shana: (panting) I need a chiropractor.
      Jennifer: (in an interview segment) Shana did the furniture faster than most of the men.

    • Shana: (on Leg 2 of The Amazing Race 12) The Race is absolutely a shock to our systems. Clearly I haven't had a facial or a manicure, but it's even tougher than you can ever imagine.

    • Jennifer: (driving at night) Well, my brights aren't staying on so I have to hold them with one hand the entire way. Unless I'm just an idiot.
      Shana: (to the camera) She asks that question a lot!

    • Shana: (after falling in mud on Leg 2 of The Amazing Race 12) Of course we have no water to pour on me!

    • Shana: Jen and I fully plan to flirt our way through this competition.
      Jennifer: We're gonna use our body as much as we need to. We're gonna wink a little.
      Shana: Anyone standing in our way of a million dollar shopping spree, will be knocked out!

    • Shana: As a girl, I wasn't really interested in studying karate, but I did it anyway to appease my dad. I was great with form and technique, but was not very fond of sparring!

    • Shana: (referring to her relationship with Ryan Seacrest) We had an amazing and passionate relationship over the years, and we are still very close.