Shandi Sullivan

Shandi Sullivan


4/2/1982, Kansas City, Missouri



Birth Name

Shandi Dawn Sullivan



Also Known As

Shandite, Evil Shandar
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Shandi Dawn Sullivan was born the 2 of April in 1982 in Kansas, Missouri. She used to be a Walgreens Pharmacy clerk, but she resigned in order to become a model in New York City.
A huge drama factor on UPN's reality show America's Next Top Model Cycle…more


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    • (about her makeover)
      Shandi: Total rags to riches. Sometimes I don't even recognize myself. It's amazing how small changes make such a difference. They just gave me colored contacts and dyed my hair blond. But look at me!

    • Shandi: Be yourself. And make sure you eat while on the show. Get some sleep. Do everything the best you can....try not to stress out. Take a deep breath and do your best. No matter what happens, it will be OK.

    • (on why she blew up when her boyfriend told her he had gone to the movies with a married woman)
      Shandi: By that time I hadn't seen him for a month. There was a lot of stress. It was the wrong way to go about it. I blew it way out of proportion.

    • Shandi: Be open to everyone and everything because you never know.

    • (about when she cheated on her boyfriend)
      Shandi: There's not a single day that goes by when I don't think about it.

    • Shandi: I love it when people try to put me down. You think that by posting that you're going to ruin my whole day? When smoking gun found my mug shot! And when it appeared on VH1's top celebrity mug shots! That's hilarious!

    • Shandi: After the series, I'd look in the mirror and feel really good inside. Funny. It just took a hair cut and contacts. But really it was not just that. When I got on that show I didn't think much of myself. Yeah, I had a boyfriend, but so what? He thinks I'm cute but no one else does.

    • (on her DJ career)
      Shandi: I have a manager now. We're trying to get a DJ tour in the works.

  • Shandi is dead on 1-1-2008?!?

    I was saw on I noticed that her Death of Date 1-1-2008 that's mean she died on January 1, 2008 on New Year's Day? I really love her so much I will miss her so much! I hope it wasn't true because she is still too young to her! she is my favorite one of contestants at cycle 2! I never heard conestants died because they were still too young!Please let me know it was true she died if it was true, please tell me know what happened did she had car accident or etc tell me why?

    Thank you,

  • Shandi shines and her confession hurts.

    It was hard to decide, but I love Shandi, she takes gorgeous pictures and she's beautiful. However, when she had sex with that male model, I was shocked. And worst, she told her Boyfriend Eric about it and he freaked out. I mean he's been with her for most of her life. She felt so guilty. It was so painful to see her cry on the phone and she held back so much. I don't blame her boyfriend for calling her a B****. The girls try to help but she's so tearful and I'm glad that he took her back. She was lonely and all. You should see her now, short-haired and tatoo.moreless