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Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson

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  • A talented young actor and comedian raising his popularity on YouTube with funny, deep, emotional, and meaningful videos of skits he creates and acts out himself. An expression of the words 'ingenious' and 'brilliant'. He inspires many around the world.moreless

    Shane Dawson is truly amazing. He's funny, gorgeous, and so inspirational. He inspires me in everything I do because of his 150 pound weight loss. He's a true talent of America. Go Shane!

    Check him out on YouTube, Some of my personal favorite vids of his are 'WHY WAS I BORN?', 'DMV', and 'FLAWS'. He directs and creates all his skits himself, and basically plays almost all of the characters.

    His skits are not only entertaining and funny, but also meaningful, deep, and emotional.

    Fridays nights now mean something with Shane Dawson dominating YouTube. His popularity is increasing with every passing day. He's love all of you to suscribe, and I hope you do too! You won't be disappointed.