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  • Such a great Actor!!

    Ok so i first saw Shane in the Without a Trace episode "safe" from season 4 and he was amazing in it, such a sad story i felt so sorry for him. I then stumbled across him in the CSI episode "4x4" from season 5 and again in a very sad story about a boy who killed his friend accidentally by putting him in a washing machine!! Very Sad!! His voice is the most fragile voice i have ever head and so innocent, it makes me wanna cry!!!
    But the question i have is where has he gone???? I know he was in desperation but that was in 2006, why has he disaperared? The last thing i saw him in was ER "dream house".
    Seriously Shane come back, you have a great talent and you shouldn't waste it. An amazing actor who needs to come back!!
  • He is truly a great actor and is on his way to being a big star. i am sure he will get his own show eventually.

    He is truly a great actor and is on his way to being a big star. i am sure he will get his own show eventually he is for sure going to be one of the all time great actors that we all want to see he really is going somewhere He is truly a great actor and is on his way to being a big star. i am sure he will get his own show eventually he is for sure going to be one of the all time great actors that we all want to see he really is going somewhere
  • He's so cute!

    Have you seen him? He is adorable. I first saw him on the "Stacey' Mom" video and since then he has been in everything. He has made appearances on ER, Law and Order-SVU, Without a Trace, CSI, and Monk. Those are just the shows I have seen him in. He has also been on Judging Amy, Everwood, The OC, That's so Raven, and The Bernie Mac Show. I just saw him in Steven Kings Desperation. Sucky movie but he was great in it. He has more guest appearances on T.V. top shows then some actors make in their entire career and the kid is only 15 years old.
  • He is great at acting. He needs more roles in different types of shows. I have seen him in that's so Raven, Without a trace, and CSI. I think that he really brings out the person in the show and makes the other people stand out.

    Shane Has a great acting career. He is so bright and so talanted at what he does that i think acting is the best thing for him. I would love to meet him sometime and just spend a day with him to know what his life is like. I think that i can learn alot from talking to him.
  • Amazing Actor. Fun to watch. he has depth and can hold the camera better than any boy his age. Wonderful actor. Truly gifted.

    This kid is truly amazing. Everything he does is flawless. From his starring role opp/Rachel Hunter in the #1 VH1 video "Stacy's Mom" and his comedic piece in That's So Raven, to his performances in Law and Order SVU and CSI, this kid doesn't miss. he is truly believable. Can be very intense. i think Shane can clearly tackle many roles that most kids his age wouldn't have a chance at. This boy needs a movie! His guest starring roles show he is equal to the stars he is opposite. I can't wait to see him in Without a Trace this Thursday.
  • Terrific !! This kid is the future big star !

    Shane is actually my favorite actor.

    I frist seen him on law and order, and he made me crying, his performance was so amazing !
    Than I watched almost all his appearances (stacys mom, everwood, csi, judging amy, monk...), and really enjoy to search news about him, to find pictures (I dont find headshots !!), and talk about him to my friends.
    They can say I'm a maniac !! lol

    I love the way he acts because he is so expressive, just look at his face expressions, and how he speaks. He touched me.
    I think he is cute too ..
    and I cant wait to watch a movie with him as soon as possible !

    Will be a superstar !!
  • Oh yeah, that's right. You know he's good. Just plain awesome. And...Cute.

    Okies, he is just awesome. And adorable. A great actor. I first heard about him on That's So Raven, when they were doing the audition things...Wow. He was cute, definetly. And funny...Of course, that's why he got the damn role in the first place, right? And then, I forgot all about it. Like, who cares? And then I see Law and Order:SVU, one of my FAVORITE shows, the episode with Michael Jackson-Er, I mean, that guy-I was like...'Hey...That kid looks familiar...' Oh yeah. I looked it up the next morning for confirmation. And then I saw the Monk episode...Oddly enough, these things lead me to him. o_O But anyways, wow, wow, wow. He's so short, too...But that don't stop me, I'm short too. :P But seriously, greeeat performances, all riiight, high five! Yeah!
  • CUTE

    he's friggin cute. and a good actor on top of that. i love the fact that on the law and order svu show he was spectacular (sp?) as a troubled child where in the thats so raven musical episode he was able to be cold and bossy. i LOVE it. and hes really really really cute to be like 15!
  • This kid is AMAZING!! He need to get more roles so his talent can be seen.

    After seeing Shane in the Fountains of Wayne video i thought he was pretty cute, so i looked him up, found out what he was in and waited to see them. In SVU, Shane plays a mad kid who had been threating to do bad things to people through the internet, he burst out in tears while telling the police why he was really so upset, excellent performance! Then in his Everwood appearances he amazed me again, his characters father figure had left but he was sure he was coming back, another emoticonal and outstanding performances from him. I am now a huge fan and cant wait to see him in something new! CSI is on this week, it looks great.
    One of the best actors i\'ve ever seen = SHANE HABOUCHA! 5 Star Performances.