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  • Such a great Actor!!

    Ok so i first saw Shane in the Without a Trace episode "safe" from season 4 and he was amazing in it, such a sad story i felt so sorry for him. I then stumbled across him in the CSI episode "4x4" from season 5 and again in a very sad story about a boy who killed his friend accidentally by putting him in a washing machine!! Very Sad!! His voice is the most fragile voice i have ever head and so innocent, it makes me wanna cry!!!
    But the question i have is where has he gone???? I know he was in desperation but that was in 2006, why has he disaperared? The last thing i saw him in was ER "dream house".
    Seriously Shane come back, you have a great talent and you shouldn't waste it. An amazing actor who needs to come back!!