Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon


1/15/1970, Gaithersburg, Maryland, usa

Birth Name

Shane Brandon McMahon



Also Known As

The Giantkiller, Mac Daddy, The King of Sting, Creature of the Night, Boy Wonder, Shane O, Shane-O-Mac, Shane Stevens
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Career Highlights: Purchasing WCW, European Champion, in one of the Top 5 matches of 1999 with Test (official - more below), and the Hardcore Champion. Pay-Per-View Appearances Wrestlemania XV: Shane made his pay-per-view debut and Wrestlemania debut retaining his WWE European Championship against X-Pac. No Mercy (1999):…more


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  • my review on shane mcmahon and my thoughts

    You might say that i am a big fan of shane mcmahon, but that is ok because i like the things that he does in the ring and i am always facintated by the things that he does in the ring wether it be by his father's side or wether it be when he is competeing against him. The thing is that no matter what the storylind is it seems to always entertaine me. Sometimes i get a laught out of it and other times i am really suprise by what i see because i never know what to expect next from him. There are times that i wonder if he is going to come back in the ring and entertain his fans again. I find when i talk to alot of wrestling fans that i know that alot of them have the same favorit as all the rest, which i think is really cool bit i prefer going against the tides as some would say and be an orginal i which wrestlers i like to watch on television. I guess you can say there is something that i charming about shane mcmahon that everytime i watch him on raw or smackdown, i get entertaine very easily and that is why i like to watch those shows. I have always been a fan wo raw ever since i was a teenager and as far as wrestling itself goes i have been watching it ever since my brothers was into that type of sports. Although at the time it seems that i did not know just how much of an impact it would have on me in my adult years.moreless
  • The next in line to hold the McMahon name.

    Shane can fight, he has great mic skills, and yes he is the future of owner of WWE along with his sister. Shane was introduced to us fans pretty early around the attitude era time, and every match he has been put in, he has done well, and has entertained me. I think he is better than half the roster which is pretty sad considering he only comes around a few blue moons. Get used to Shane because once Vince gives it up Shane will grab it and become the new owner.moreless