Shane McRae





7/23/1977 , Gainsville, FL

Birth Name

Shane Michael McRae




Shane Michael McRae was born to John and Sharon McRae on July 23, 1977 in Gainesville, Florida.

In 1998, Shane McRae played the part of Ryan in the Promised Land episode "Balancing Act."
Shane McRae played the part of Nelson in All Over Again which was filmed the summer of 2000. Since then he's played the part of Jason Chenier in Take Me Out which won a Tony, Chris Olshansky in the Hack episode "Fog Of War," & filled in for David Tom as Paul Cramer in One Life to Live. In October, he played the part of Richard's nemesis, Richmond, in Richard III. During NBC's midseason, he played Bobby in the sitcom "Four King's." He is currently working on the scifi horror-comedy "Killer Pad."
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