Shane West

Shane West


6/10/1978, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Birth Name

Shannon Bruce Snaith


  • Shane West as Michael on Nikita.
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Shane West was born in 1978 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He began to pursue an acting career at the age of fifteen, gaining bit parts on various television shows, but it was not until 1999 when West appeared in ABC's "Once and Again" (1999) that he got his…more


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    • Shane: (About Mandy Moore) She's a total doll and she's very easygoing and willing to learn anything.

    • Shane: In high school my nickname was 'hopeless romantic'. If I was interested in a girl, I did a lot of lovey-dovey things like writing poems. I'm still like that deep down, but it's hard to find someone who I can be that way with.

    • Shane: (His silliest injury) While watching the New Orleans Saints (on television), I got angry and punched my bed, and then my remote control flew up and hit me in the head. My girlfriend didn't stop laughing for an hour.

    • Shane: Sexy, to me, has everything to do with how one speaks, how someone holds themselves, their smile, and how they treat people.

    • Shane: (on Character Eli) So having that background and doing three years of a divorced family, it wasn't hard, it was more like therapy.

    • Shane: (in an interview) Right now, my favorite game is Resident Evil 2.

    • Shane: (On Learning to Shoot for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) I basically went in a little early to Prague and on the days that we were shooting and I wasn't involved, I learned how to use two six shooters and a rifle, a Winchester rifle.

    • Shane: (On Co-star Connery) He's a guy's guy, so it pretty much became like the impressions - don't imitate Sean Connery's voice, and things like that. We were all kind of doing it towards the end of the film, anyway, and he was cool with it.

    • Shane: (On Being asked if he is more like Eli or Landon) I didn't have abandonment issues but he's a little bit more like me because Eli is a little bit more self-destructive and I'm not exactly that way.

    • Shane: To me, the 90's signaled the end of glam rock, the beginning of gangsta rap, and hopefully the beginning and end of boy bands.

    • Shane: (on his astro-attitude) Since I'm a Gemini, I'm kinda schizo, but I'm fun and outgoing. I'm always the one who's trying to get everybody to feel OK. You know, 'Do you need anything?' I'm a good host.

    • Shane (When asked if he believes in love at first sight): I don't know. It's hard to explain, but the only time I've ever been in love, I felt it in less than a week and still feel like it was true even to this day. But then other times that I thought I was in love, I knew that I ended up not being in love, but was more in love with the idea of being in love.

    • Shane (on how he became popular): This popular junior girl got a crush on me at the end of tenth grade. Then things changed. I ended up being in the popular group, but as soon as summer hit, I realized that it was the wrong crowd for me.

    • Shane: (On moving when he was younger) My sister and I were the only white people in school. It was the nicest group of kids I've ever run into.

    • Shane: (On girls) The first thing I notice is their eyes and smile. I'm not a big make-up fan; I like them to be natural.

    • Shane: I'm very cynical myself.

    • Shane: Sexy, to me, doesn't have anything to do with beautiful.

    • Shane: I'm not giving up acting. I'm definitely not going to stop.