Shannon Stewart

Shannon Stewart


6/6/1984, Franklin, OH

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Shannon Stewart


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Shannon Stewart

Age: 19

Height/Weight: 5'11" / 135 lbs.

Hair/Eyes: Blond hair / Blue eyes

Hometown: Franklin, OH

Occupation: Student. Graduated in 2002 from Franklin High School

Self-Description: Unique, classy, diligent, and blessed by the Lord in many…more


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    • Shannon: have also always wanted to model ever since I was a young girl, but I not only want to be a model, but also a role model for others to look up to. There are lots of models out there, but I long to be one that raises the standard, that boldly stands apart from the masses, because I won't sell out for money or fame. The Lord has brought my dream of being a model to life, and I couldn't be more thankful! He allowed me to be on the first season of Americas Next Top Model, and since the show, I have been able to experience more in modeling, than I could have ever imagined and I give all the praise to Him!

    • (about how her religion affects her work as a model)
      Shannon: It has taken me longer in this business because I won't go to parties or do certain things.

    • (about the fashion industry)
      Shannon: This is a tough business. Sometimes, I hate it. But, if no one shares the Good News, how will they know about Jesus Christ?

    • (about refusing to pose nude)
      Shannon: I can't recall any negativity about not posing nude. I do hear from people who thank me for standing up for something, which included Muslims and atheists.

    • Shannon: To all of my Hungarian fans I just want to say that I immensely appreciate all of your support for me in modeling, and also in all my endeavors! Thank you so much for being so kind, nice, and thoughtful towards me, which is a reflection on how the people in Hungary really are.....AMAZING!! The Lord Jesus Christ has continued to bless me more than I could have ever dreamed. I stand in awe at what I have been able to do at such a young age, and I want to encourage you to keep your standards, remain who you are, because you can still be you and achieve you dreams--and I want my life to be a testimony to that! Thanks again for all of your faithful support, and keep your eyes open, because you haven't seen the last of "Shannon Stewart!".

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  • I wanted her to win the modeling contract!

    Shannon had self-respect for herself. Unlike most of the girls on America's Next Top Model. She stood up to the judges and Tyra when she didn't feel comfertable doing a semi-nude shoot. I know that in modeling, you have to be confertable doing that. But they made her feel like she was throwing her chances away! Now since she lost, Adrianne won, and will be giving women a bad name! So thanks Tyra, for not putting a women who accually respects themself!moreless