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    • Shannyn: (about what was it about this role [her character on Moonlight] that really drew you in and made you want to do it) Well, Joel [Silver] calling me and asking me was one thing. It was a character like I hadn't really played before that much, so him believing in me and seeing that was nice. It was kind of like he was letting me know that he believed that I could stretch myself, before he'd even seen it, without me reading or anything. When you have people on your team who believe in you, it always helps the person as well. You know what I mean? It's like you have a team, so it feels really good. My point in telling you that, was that I didn't even have to read much. It was like kind of already a nice gesture. Then just the always wanting to play a vampire. But they didn't have a lot written on the page, so when you say character, I had no character. It was like. Here's the rough storyline and we know that she turned him into a vampire in the 50s, and somehow she kidnapped the young, little blond girl, because we need, our Beth. We knew the way that they met, that Mick and Beth met. That was it. So it's been a little interesting. Tricky, actually, to figure it out.