Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten


7/25/1985, Luverne, Rock County, Minnesota, USA

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Shantel Van Santen
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A relative newcomer in the entertainment business, model and actress Shantel VanSanten is probably most known as one of the 12 participants in NBC's 2005 reality show, Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search. Shantel, a Texas native, attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas while starting out her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Shantel is 5' 8" (1.73 m) tall.

    • Shantel was born on the exact same date as her One Tree Hill co-star James Lafferty.

    • On the show One Tree Hill, Shantel plays Bethany Joy Galeotti's older sister, Quinn. In real life, Shantel is four years younger than Galeotti.

    • Various Trainings:
      • Acting Coach: Michael Woolson
      • Auditioning Tech: Gary Chason
      • Character & Scene Development: Theresa Bell
      • Cold Scene: Paul Webber
      • General Acting Classes: Chris Wilson's Studio
      • Intense Film/TV Workshop: Jason Connery/Ricki Maslar
      • Monologue & Improv: James Faulkner
      • On Camera Tech: James Faulkner
      • Private Lessons: Kristopher Kyer
      • REACT: Nancy Chartier

    • When Shantel worked on the film You and I, she got to live in Moscow for four months.

    • During her modeling stint in Houston, Texas, casting directors started calling Shantel and were asking her to audition for movies and shows by The N Network.

    • She appeared in national TV commercials for Kiwi and PHRMA. Shantel also did commercials for Sam's Town Casino and Academy among others.

    • Among the sports Shantel is skilled at are volleyball, knee- and wake-boarding, track and field, water-, slalom-, and jet-skiing, frisbee, flag football, softball, badminton, sprinting, and running.

    • In June 2009, Shantel was featured in the newsletter of the Houston chapter of Women in Film & Television for her guest appearance on CSI: NY and her film Final Destination 4.

    • Shantel performed a supporting lead role in the stage production of Wed Locked at the UTD Theatre. She also portrayed Sandy in the play A Texas Christmas at the Edward Theatre.

    • In 2006, Shantel did a national print ad campaign for TRESemme in 2006.

    • During filming of the movie You and I, wherein Shantel's character Janie fell in love with a Russian teenage girl, Shantel learned a few Russian words and expressions from being around a Russian cast and crew.

    • Shantel is 5'8" (1.73 m) tall. She has a slim body type, green eyes, and brown hair. Her shoe size is 9 (US) while her dress size is 2 (US).

    • Her first leading role in a major feature film was in the 2008 drama You and I co-starring Mischa Barton.

    • Shantel has been living in Los Angeles, California since 2006. (December 2008)

    • As a model, she has been featured in magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen.

    • Among the products/clients she has modeled for are Abercrombie & Fitch, Academy, Christian Audigier/ Ed Hardy, Clean & Clear, Dillard's, and Foley's.

  • Quotes

    • Shantel: I was 17 when my body started changing, and I worried about what I did wrong. I went through a period where I didn't eat at all. I also had someone who was encouraging me to take diet pills. I pushed myself to the extreme because I woke up one day and had hips - and a butt - and thought, 'Oh my gosh, I'm getting fat!'

    • Shantel: When I was in the eighth grade, I wrote this huge long paper about how I had no idea what I was gonna do with my life, but that I wanted to make a difference and touch even if it was like one person's life... inspire them.

    • Shantel: For me, having greek yogurt and some granola is the perfect start-up breakfast because it has many benefits. Its filling, healthy and gives me energy to start my day.

    • Shantel: Despite my mother saying I have been destined to be an actress my whole life, I remember being the kid who grew up not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.

    • Shantel: Being on a television show and having so many fans is something that I've never experienced before, and it's really neat when they come up to you and are like, 'That storyline is amazing and really spoke to me in my life,' and it's really cool. I really enjoy it.

    • Shantel: Why the heck do we allow the media to ever tell us someone is gross? It makes me so mad. 99% of the world has flaws.

    • Shantel: When I'm on set filming 'One Tree Hill,' I get up and work out four to five days a week.

    • Shantel: My style is dependent on my moods, so I feel like it's all over the place.

    • Shantel: I'm, like, super-clumsy and weird and funny and dorky.

    • Shantel: I would want to travel the world and write about it. To be a famous writer.

    • Shantel: I went to an all-girls' school with 43 people in my class, so dances were small. I always went with girlfriends or a blind date.

    • Shantel: I modeled from the time I was 15 until I was 20.

    • Shantel: I did a Clean & Clear commercial. I did a series of them. I used to be the Clean & Clear girl!

    • Shantel: I am happiest when I'm sitting on my parent's couch with the fire place on and talking to my family.

    • Shantel: For a long while, I was really against Twitter. I mean, who cares if I'm in an airport or had broccoli for dinner?

    • Shantel: Kate Hudson is my style icon.

    • Shantel: The minute you feel secure about yourself and own the fact your dreams are honest true, other things fix themselves.

    • Shantel: Our bodies are exploited so much in the media, I feel like everyone is made to feel like they're not worthy or beautiful.

    • Shantel: If you believe in yourself, somebody will find you that believes in you just as much, if not more.

    • Shantel: (on doing "Final Destination 4") I am not a fan of horror films. But after taking on the role, I think it was good for me and we spent three months running around in mud and screaming. The screaming was one of the hard parts your voice would be hoarse for days.

    • Shantel: (on learning about the character deaths in "Final Destination 4") There is so many cool ways to die. I don't know if it's a competition to see who has the best death scenes. For me, I got really excited to read about the things that were going to happen in the premonitions. The stakes are higher in those premonitions. But the way we are all going to die is just so neat. And mean. It's not necessarily a competition. We are very supportive of each other's death scenes.

    • Shantel: (on the preparation for her role in "You and I") Roland [Joffe] feels it's really necessary, like for me and Mischa [Barton] to hang out. To have me and Mischa have a bond because in the movie, we love each other. And as much as acting is acting, I can pretend that I love somebody when I actually hate them, it's much stronger if you actually have an emotional connection in real life.

    • Shantel: (on acting) This is what I live's a great adventure and I hope it's only the beginning of a life long career for me.