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  • Arrogant self-absorbed horses-ass!

    Why does TNT continue to destroy the chemistry of the finest sports broadcast team in history by having Shaq on the broadcasts? Earnie, Kenny and Charles are flat out wonderful together. Shaq's incessant boorish comments and shameless self promotion only detract from the brilliance of the rest of the team. When he's on the analyst's panel I now just fast forward through it, as I can't watch his moronic bully act any longer. Tonight, for example, Shaq rudely challenged Barkley for saying Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Jabbar were among the top 5 NBA players of all time, and not including him (Shaq) on that list. As someone who has watched them all, from the very beginning of the Russell/Chamberlain rivalry, Shaq doesn't belong on that list--or anywhere even close to it.

    PLEASE--GET RID OF SHAQ. Any of the other fellas who often sit in would be a vast improvement.
  • one of the top centers to ever play in the nba

    shaq was very dominate when he came into the league he started in orlando but then went to the lakers and became well know won 3 or 4 nba titles there and really packed in the numbers for defenive rebounds and and points he is one of the legues highest scoring players in the history of the legue he has also won a title in miami with dwade and now plays for the clevaland cavs with king james tring to get him another tital. and he is tall at over 7 feet no really person can stop him but he is getting older and slowing down and his free throws have never been that good. but he is one of the best or top defensive players in the league
  • A beast of a center.

    I have seen Shaquille O'Neal play many times. He is a force even at his present age. The thing that I find interesting is that he still is a force. There still isn't a player in the world who can guard him one on one and the only reason he hasn't scored more points is because he doesn't need to. He still gets the respect calls from officials and still can score. The only thing that has really effected his game has been injuries. 10 years ago, Shaq was one of the best players in the game. Today, he still is force to be reckoned with in the game of basketball. Thank you.
  • empty

    I am solely reviewing Shaq based on his acting ability and NOT on his basketball ability, which is amazing. Shaq is probably the worst actor ever to stumble upon the big screen. His voice is monotone and he is unable to show any emotion in his roles.
  • Shaquille O\'Neal My name\'s Shaquille too!

    Man he's good at basketball. Too bad I suck at it. I'm only good at Soccer. anyway back to the topic. He's awesome at Basketball. He plays for the lakers. and he\'s Better than Jimmie Johnson IMO. Overall, I can tell I'm gonna be as tall as him since I'm 6.2 and I'm cool heh heh!