Shar Jackson

Shar Jackson



Birth Name

Sharisse Jackson



Also Known As

Sharisse "Shar" Jackson
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    • Shar Jackson: (on Quentin Tarantino) He's one of the most amazing guys that I've ever met in my entire life. Brilliant man. Party animal. I love him to death. One of the coolest personalities, and just an all-around awesome guy. He's been my favorite director for a long time. It's him and Wes Craven. Those are my boys.

    • Shar Jackson: (about ex boyfriend Kevin Federline when he got together with Britney Spears) You both smoke, you both drink, and you both cheated on significant others. You two are made for each other. Good luck.

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    I will not watch "the Ex-wives Club," but I love Shar Jackson along with Angie Everhart and Marla Maples. These three girls are turning heads, including me. I love to say that I'm in love with shar. Her name is very sexy and seeing her on television turns me on. shar has survived a divorce and she is better than ever. Like I said before, I won't see "the Ex-wives club" but I'll be thinking of her. I like to wish her good luck on "The Ex-Wives club" and hope for the best. Shar is one hot woman. I love her.moreless