Sharif Atkins

Sharif Atkins


1/29/1974, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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Born in Pittsburgh, Atkins moved with his family to Chicago when he was 6 years old. His father, a chief public defender, and mother, a museum executive, still reside there; his sister, Makeba Atkins, a mechanical engineer, now lives in Tucson, Arizona. While he remembers his first acting…more


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  • Amazing actor!

    During his time on the hit show "ER", Sharif Atkins (as Dr. Micheal Gallant), was one of the characters that I always looked for. In every scene, he displayed such compassion and innocence. He also did an awesome job of portraying a soldier. I was heartbroken when he was killed on the show. I hope that he will continue to get good work. I loved him in "The 4400" as Gary Navarro. One of my attractions to him was because he still displayed some of the same vulnerablity that Gallant always seemed to have. I can not wait to see his new movie and any other projects that he may have in the future.moreless
  • I like hom in this show he seems like a very nice man on the camera\\\'s and off a doctor profile fits him well

    I really like him in this show. He is one of the ones who cares about everyone. He is a good doctor in this show too. Althought I don\\\\\\\'t like the fact that he left and went to Iraq he we all know that him and Neela like each other and there both the sweetest! They belong together.