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  • Amazing actor!

    During his time on the hit show "ER", Sharif Atkins (as Dr. Micheal Gallant), was one of the characters that I always looked for. In every scene, he displayed such compassion and innocence. He also did an awesome job of portraying a soldier. I was heartbroken when he was killed on the show. I hope that he will continue to get good work. I loved him in "The 4400" as Gary Navarro. One of my attractions to him was because he still displayed some of the same vulnerablity that Gallant always seemed to have. I can not wait to see his new movie and any other projects that he may have in the future.
  • I like hom in this show he seems like a very nice man on the camera\\\'s and off a doctor profile fits him well

    I really like him in this show. He is one of the ones who cares about everyone. He is a good doctor in this show too. Althought I don\\\\\\\'t like the fact that he left and went to Iraq he we all know that him and Neela like each other and there both the sweetest! They belong together.
  • I miss seeing him on ER every week they need to bring him back to the show for good. I would like to see him more movies and tv shows,would also like to see web page for him too.

    I love Him on the show ER I want them to bring Gallant back to the show for good and can't wait till him neela get married. Would be nice to see him in more movies and tv show as well, would also like to see webpage for him as well and know little bit more about him. he TOTALY ROCKS is one my fav actors