Shaun Cashman





9/26/1957 , Middletown, Connecticut

Birth Name

Shaun Michael Cashman



Born and raised in Middletown, Connecticut. Attended St. John's Elementary School and Parish from Kindergarten thru 8th grade. Attended Xavier High School from 1971-1975. Involved in Sports ( some football) ), stage crew for the annual school play, created and illustrated campaign literature and signs for his friends run for Student Body President. During these years also dabbled in music (bass guitar) and was sound/lighting/roadie for another friends band in town.

After graduating from Xavier High it was on to Paier School of Art in Hamden, Connecticut - majoring in illustration. Working full time and going to school full time eventually took it's toll health-wise and dropped out Junior year.

Hopping from job-to-job for the next few years, eventually moving to Florida for a year before returning to the Northeast and to a stint working construction while trying to decide what's next.

Deciding that construction was not the way to go for an artist, it was on to New York City and a summer-long crash course in Film Production at NYU. Six days a week. 12 - 14 hours a day for two months! Hands-on, boot camp film making - GREAT!

Returned to Connecticut and first professional job as an artist working at The Hartford Courant newspaper as an ad designer and freelance editorial illustrator. With the exception of a brief departure into the world of idependent films ( more on that later ), stayed with the job for ten years.

For a brief while, was an Associate Producer/Production Manager/Sound Man/ You-Name-It for a small production company in Waterbury Connecticut, Generic Films. The company was producing low budget, direct-to-video features for Charles Band's Empire Entertainment in Los Angeles. Pre-production, casting and filming took place in Connecticut and New York and spawned three features of which one of them has gone on to develop quite a cult following - "Psychos In Love".

The long hours, low pay and personality problems were too much after a while and that chapter was soon closed. All these years later though, time has turned them into fond memories.

After returning to the newspaper, it was decided that it was time, now or never, to pursue that dream and desire to get into animation before It was too late. Roger Rabbit was a monster hit and The Simpsons was taking the country by storm. GO WEST YOUNG (sort of) MAN! Came to California in 1992 and was unemplyed for almost a year! Things looked bad. Had visions of living in a car. Was days away from packing it all in and going back to Connecticut when "the call" came from THE SIMPSONS and the door opened!

From 1993 thru 2003 was steadily employed on either THE SIMPSONS or KING OF THE HILL - a rarity and a very fortunate situation in this business. Rose in the ranks up to becoming a Director for the past six years.
Have moved on since then to doing work for Disney and Bill Melendez Productions on a new PEANUTS Christmas Special and Cartoon Network on "The Grim Adventures Of Billy and Mandy"

That's all for now. Updates as they happen.