Shaun Cassidy

Shaun Cassidy


9/27/1958, Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Shaun Paul Cassidy


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Shaun Paul Cassidy was born on September 27, 1958 to Academy Award winner, Shirley Jones, and Tony winner, the late Jack Cassidy. He had roles as a pre-teen/teen in summer stock productions with his mother, but was discouraged from a show business life by both parents.



Trivia and Quotes

  • Yummy and Cute!

    Shaun remains my all time favorite teen idol. I remember buying his albums then when cassettes got big, recording the music from an open turntable to a portable cassette recorder. I never missed Hardy Boys Nancy Drew - I love to watch him on Hardy Boys Nancy Drew to this day (DVD), and will never be swayed from who I think is the all time cutest hunk of all time. I love you Shaun!!!! I'd like to SEE him in a movie or show that he gets some real face-time in, everyone else is making their comebacks - why not a true cutie-pie like Shaun?moreless
  • He was a very good singer and a pretty good actor.

    I will always remember Shaun as the younger of the two Hardy Boys in The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries. He starred as Joe Hardy, blond haired, green eyed, 16 year old who with his brothr Frank (Parker Stevens) solved crimes and did a lot of singing and traveling. He sing such songs that he created as the "Do Ron Ron" and "Its Rock and Roll'. My favorite epsidoes of the series were 'Soul Survier' an episode where he is supposed to have been in a coma for 1 year. My other favorite episode with him was 'Deat Surf' where he tries to convince his brother on a pier that the girl he is falling in love with is dead. He also in the episode gets thrown across the room by a thug and still uses humor about it. I also liked all his songs. He was in my opionion a very good teen idol.moreless