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  • Shawn is a natural entertainer and comes from a small community in Newfoundland which another Canadian celebrity calls home. Also, the bio included here is a little mixed up.

    Shaun hails from Burlington, Newfoundland, which must be a town bursting with talent. When one considers the extremely small population of this rural Newfoundland town, it is hard to believe that two major Canadian celebrities were raised there. Shaun shares his home town with Canadian Idol runner-up and now popular recording artist, Rex Goudie. There was a time when the entire province of Newfoundland could only claim two popular entertainers, Shannon Tweed (yes, Gene Simmons' not-wife) and Danielle Howse (the Miss Canada buxom boxer)and both of these girls were not known for having to actually do anything to get their fame; they just had to show it! Meanwhile, Shaun's bio is a little mixed up. He did not appear in "Royal Air Farce" but the farcical news program "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," and there have been some other minor parts he's had in very popular American TV shows including sharing the small screen with fellow Canadian, Kiefer Sutherland, in "24." Great work Shaun! Don't let that American popularity go to yer head and forget home, like Shannon seems to have done!