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Shawla was 31 when she appeared on the second season of Project Catwalk. She is from Shepherd's Bush in London, and she currently works as a Sales Assistant for French Connection and Selfridges. Her primary interest is in women's ready to wear and accessories, drawing her inspiration from…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Shawla became very close to her youngest felllow Project Catwalk competitor Luke Youngblood. She predicted that he would make it to the finals, and when she was eliminated, one of the first things she said to the remaining contestants was that they needed to look after "Lukey" for her.

    • Shawla was visible in the first row of the audience at the final catwalk show of her fellow competitors Wayne, Monika, and Luke. She was not interviewed for the camera to see who she thought had produced the best collection, however.

    • Fashion designer and Project Catwalk mentor Ben de Lisi told Shawla that her dress for Myleene Klass was the best thing that she had done while on the show. Ironically, it was the dress that saw her off the show.

    • Shawla was frequently criticized by her fellow designers for copying their fabric selections or dress styles. Shawla acknowledged that she did so on occasion in order to go head to head with a particular rival she wanted to see leave the show.

    • Shawla said repeatedly during the competition that she didn't care if she was the ultimate winner on Project Catwalk as long as she made it to the final three and got to show at London's Fashion Week.

    • Shawla was in the bottom two in the fifth Makeover Challenge on Project Catwalk, and even told the Judges, "This is the worst thing I have ever made in my life."

    • Shawla made it to the eighth Challenge before she was eliminated from the second season of Project Catwalk.

  • Quotes

    • Shawla: I'm my own worst enemy- I always give myself a big job to do.

    • Shawla: My main strengths are design, my technical skills, my styling skills as well- I always think about a complete look.

    • Shawla: I'm really nice, but my honesty makes me seem like I'm bitchy. But I'm not, just honest.

    • Shawla: (revealing her strategy to win "Project Catwalk") I'm just playing mind games with them, rubbing in the fact that I'm still here, even though my last outfit was absolutely rubbish.

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