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    • Shawn Ashmore: Above and beyond having the social life, to have a core group of people that you work with and spend time with and learn how to work with is a nice thing.

    • Shawn Ashmore: My brother and I have been in auditions where they said to our agents, 'We like them both, so we're just going to flip a coin.

    • Shawn Ashmore: There are rumors, rumors, rumors. I'm always the last one to know about these things, literally.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Then I got the books, A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan, read them and totally fell in love with the character.

    • Shawn Ashmore: The work that goes in, and the time and the talent to create this world that we're going to get to play in is pretty amazing.

    • Shawn Ashmore: The real excitement and big deal for me started when I got cast in the first X-Men, which was sort of a fluke.

    • Shawn Ashmore: The genre of fantasy is about magic and occult characters.

    • Shawn Ashmore: That's why Ged is perfect for an actor because he's the hero, but not a classic hero in the sense that he does good all the time.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Some people talk about screen kisses being strange or uncomfortable. But I think that I got along with Anna well enough that it just happened; it was a fun day of shooting.

    • Shawn Ashmore: So it wasn't actually that bad, it took a couple of weeks to sort of get used to uh, you know, standing around and pretending to have ice shoot out of your hand, but once you got used to that it uh, it was actually not that hard.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Right now I'm looking for the next thing, I'm taking my time finding something that really fits for me, I want to try something different from X-Men.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Playing a character who's dealing not only with a superpower but having a normal relationship is easy to associate with, because I feel that everyone has been through it.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Our first scene is sort of a reunion between the X-Men characters, which establishes everyone's relationship to one another, sort of like a recap for all those who have forgotten since the last movie.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Obviously I think Vancouver definitely enjoyed our time there, a lot of money was brought into the city, and it was just exciting.

    • Shawn Ashmore: No designer has really wowed me yet, I'm into other people's recommendations when it comes to fashion.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Lord of the Rings is a good thing for us because it opened the door for the genre in general. Le Guin's stories are very different from Lord of the Rings.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Instead of being on teams at school, I was preparing for auditions.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I'm a video game buff.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I'm 25, so I've already gone through what my character Ged goes through, though it's on a general scale because I haven't studied at a wizard's school.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I would do movies and TV, and in the summer I would skateboard, in the winter I would snowboard, so I had a pretty full plate.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I read the comics long before I was ever involved with the films.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I never could have planned this, and now I'm in my ideal situation career-wise and just sort of where I am in my life, and I'm super happy with how everything is going.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I just finished a movie called Three Needles with a director named Thom Fitzgerald, who is a great Canadian filmmaker.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I don't, I just prefer that maybe, my girlfriends don't like video games, 'cause then we'd probably never leave the house.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Getting to play superheros is a pretty good job.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Every day on set, there was something to watch and learn.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Comic books and The Chronicles of Narnia. My mother used to read those to me and my twin brother growing up.

    • Shawn Ashmore: I really think Aaron is an amazing actor and my best friend as well, so to get to work together would be amazing.

    • Shawn Ashmore: Every once in a while he gets that 'Can you shoot some ice for us?' Sometimes he says that he's me and sometimes he doesn't. It depends on what kind of mood he's in."
      Shawn Ashmore: ""A bottle of water, two Advils, and a banana before bed. Responsible drinking includes planning ahead with the banana."
      Shawn Ashmore: "I've never partied like a rock star, so we'll see what happens tonight."
      Shawn Ashmore: "It gave me the confidence to say, 'OK, I'm doing something right here.'"
      Shawn Ashmore: "My first job ever was a commercial, I've been pretty much an actor as long as I can remember, and I guess I learned punctuality and professionalism and I'm still using that to this day.