Shawn Marion

Shawn Marion


5/7/1978, Waukegan, Illinois

Birth Name

Shawn Dwayne Marion



Also Known As

Trix, Matrix
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"The Matrix" Shawn Marion is a professional basketball player known for his athleticism and the creative ways he can score the ball. Marion has played for the Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat.


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    • Shawn: They had some bigger guys. We were trying to force the tempo of the game. They couldn't run with us and it showed.

    • Shawn: We were able to get a lot of stops and get out into our running game and hit some open shots. We wanted to be aggressive and try to get the last two games out of the way.

    • Shawn: It's been hectic around here for the last couple of weeks. We have to band together like dogs and get it done.

    • Shawn: We came too far to give up now. We've got to go out and come together as a team. We know what it is, and everybody's got a challenge to play better defensively.

    • Shawn: I think we shot the ball very well tonight, we just didn't get stops when we needed to. They hit 11 3-pointers in the third quarter. Sometimes when one person gets hot, everybody's hot.

    • Shawn: He's always been known as a scorer. And that's what he's coming in here and doing.

    • Shawn: With his style of play and his ability, he fits right in. It's like he's been here all year.

    • Shawn: That's what happens. We didn't give up shots, we gave up rebounds tonight. Teams are trying to go big on us, crash the boards on us. That's our biggest weakness. Our defense has got to pick us up.

    • Shawn: A couple of them were fouls. The referees called the game to their momentum. They had the momentum, so they gave them the calls they liked. But more power to him.

    • Shawn: It says a lot about this team, especially getting in so late. To come out here and play the game we played tonight, it says a lot.

    • Shawn: That's a lot of scoring. We're doing it as a team, too. That's the best thing about it.

    • Shawn: Not many teams can match up with us. With Steve, Boris and Tim, we got guys that nobody else in the league have.

    • Shawn: These are games we are supposed to come in there and take care of business and get out of the way.

    • Shawn: Even when we got the early lead, it seemed like we were playing catch-up. Our defense isn't there. Our offense is slow, we're not running and we're not getting as many possessions. I don't know if it's because we're trying to put new pieces (Tim Thomas) in right now or what, but we have to find a way.

    • Shawn: Our defense ain't where it needs to be. I don't know if it's because we're trying to fit new pieces in right now or what but we've got to find a way. It's causing us to not get out and run so it means we're getting less and less possessions on the offensive end.

    • Shawn: Really, it's pretty simple. When you don't rebound, you don't win.

    • Shawn: One of the biggest things is, he realizes that we (the players) make the coaches. When we're winning, he's winning.

    • Shawn: In the first half, they were knocking down some good shots. We were missing our shots but we were right there. We focused in the second half and buckled down and got some good stops when we needed to.

    • Shawn: It's going to be a race down to the end in the Western Conference. They aren't sleeping on us either, believe that. We're right there. We've just got to keep doing what we've got to do and build on it to get ready for the playoffs.

    • Shawn: It seems that when I get things going early and I've been knocking down my shots, the results have been big scoring games.

    • Shawn: I didn't want to go back in. That is not even me. If you have been around for a while, you know I am about the team. As far as doing something individual, I will do it during the course of the game. Having to go back in and try to do it is not me.

    • Shawn: Lately I have been getting into a rhythm and feeling it. My teammates have been looking for me and making the extra pass and I have been the beneficiary of getting a lot of late passes after teams commit and I have been able to knock them down.

    • Shawn: (referring to Kurt Thomas) He is our best post-up player and now we will have to be more active in the paint. I think we can hold it down, but we will miss him though.

    • Shawn: We just came out with a little more energy in the second half. We were more aggressive.

    • Shawn: I just did what I could do. I had it going.

    • Shawn: I got all my points on passes from my teammates or on great opportunities. My teammates looked for me early. Everybody was making the extra pass. I was the beneficiary of getting open shots in the corner.

    • Shawn: I was just trying to win. I think I got all my shots and opportunities from extra passes made by my teammates and that's how we won the game. It's a great win for us.

    • Shawn: It's going to be crazy out there.

    • Shawn: I was trying to make him shoot over the top and take away any easy baskets.

    • Shawn: Sometimes we have a team down 20 points and then start missing some shots. That's when we need to clamp down on defense. It's not easy, but at the same time we've got to do it.

    • Shawn: In the first quarter, they were hitting shots. Sometimes, you can't play any better defense then we did. They were hitting shots with hands in their faces. In the second quarter, we opened up a little more and got a rhythm going.

    • Shawn: Man, it was a rough finish, but we came out and pulled out the win in the end. It's a tight race with us and the Clippers right now and we're just trying to get better each game.

    • Shawn: Man, it was a rough finish but we came out and pulled out the win in the end. We made a couple of adjustments in the second half and we played well enough throughout the entire game to come out with a win.

    • Shawn: It's irrelevant right now. We shouldn't have been in that situation. It shouldn't have gone down to the wire like that. That's what happens sometimes when you put it in someone else's hands.

    • Shawn: (referring to Minnesota) They shoot the ball very well from the outside, with a hand in their face they were still knocking down shots. But I think we should have won the game.

    • Shawn: We came out and opened the game up on both ends of the floor and that helped us get the win tonight. It was kind of rough for us at the start. They were hitting some tough shots and you have to give them credit. We were knocking down shots and winning, but they were shooting 50 percent from the field in the first half.

    • Shawn: We get lackadaisical out there thinking we can outscore everybody. We have to play some defense.

    • Shawn: We knew they were going to make a run. They're at home. Their fans started booing them, so they had no choice.

    • Shawn: We aren't playing any defense at all right now. It seems like we exert all our energy on offense and exert no energy on defense.

    • Shawn: We're going to represent the team the right way and that's what Jerry wants. I'm going to go out there and do what I've got to do. I'll fit in any system. I'm going to go out there and help this country and help this team win.

    • Shawn: Eddie is the firehouse of this team. When he gets it going, he gets it going. He is definitely tough to stop when he gets in a groove.

    • Shawn: We buckled down at the end when we needed to and got some big stops. They played a great game tonight. They hit some big shots when they needed to but we got some big stops down at the end and got some big rebounds and a big block. And there were some turnovers. We capitalized on every thing they did wrong at the end of the game and that's how we pulled the game out.

    • Shawn: There were a couple of miscues. A turnover here, a made shot there and it would have been our game... That's three of them we let slip through our fingers right here at home.

    • Shawn: We kept our composure. Everybody stepped up and hit some big shots, and we got some big stops when we needed to.

    • Shawn: We just seemed to do whatever we had to to get this win tonight.

    • Shawn: I was just trying to be aggressive, and my teammates responded to me.

    • Shawn: We just seemed to do whatever we had to do to get this win tonight. I got opportunities to get the ball at the end tonight. Our guys got it to me, and it helped me make something happen then.

    • Shawn: I think we were really trying to get out there and run. Don't think I wasn't running out. I was really trying to make the effort.

    • Shawn: We rebounded well and got a chance to get out on the break. We were capitalizing on everything they messed up on.

    • Shawn: It was in our hands tonight, we just didn't come up with stops when we needed to. This was our second triple overtime in eight days and that's a lot.

    • Shawn: They didn't come out here and lay down for us, we got a lead early and held on in the second half. We're getting some good looks and finding the person that's open. We've got to do better as a team to hold our leads when we get them.

    • Shawn: We be walking the ball down the court. We don't play like we usually play. This ain't us, honestly. Even when we were winning, we weren't pushing the ball like we're capable of. We say we want to run, but we don't do it. We're getting stops, so I don't see why we don't run. Nobody wants to push the ball.

    • Shawn: That's the system we have. We've got equal opportunity out here. It's just a matter of who gets it going.

    • Shawn: We just have to regroup and try and make a statement on the road over the next five games.

    • Shawn: I'm at a loss for words right now. I'm kind of (expletive) off.

    • Shawn: I'm moving around on the perimeter a lot more. I can take some people off the dribble a little bit more. When I'm playing power forward, I'm under the basket all the time.

    • Shawn: We were draining so much energy on the defensive end trying to stop them, we couldn't score. We got in foul trouble early and guys were going down with injuries, so you can factor in a lot of stuff. But they stopped.

    • Shawn: They're playing well. They're waiting for us. We've got to go out and get them early.

    • Shawn: We had some veterans out there, and we knew we had to get a stop... and then get a basket. It shows a lot that we can go out there and take their best shot and still come back.

    • Shawn: It hurts. I hate pain. I think I'm going to go anyway. I don't like to sit out. If I can walk, I'm going to play.

    • Shawn: As long as it's a win, that's what matters.

    • Shawn: It hurts when you work as hard as we're working and shut them down like we did for the first three quarters. They got the momentum and they made some tough shots at the end with hands in their face.

    • Shawn: It hurts, man, because when you're working as hard as we were working out there tonight, especially to shut them down... then players get in a rhythm.

    • Shawn: I think it is appropriate, definitely, on the bench. I think you should be in a nice shirt and slacks.

    • Shawn: If they're trying to change the image of league, that's cool.

    • Shawn: Amare is a beast in there. We're going to miss that inside threat.

    • Shawn: We don't have any inside post presence. However you want to look at it, he's a beast in there, so we are going to miss that inside threat. But with Kurt and Brian, we do have some inside bangers.

    • Shawn: We just had fun. This was for fans. We gave them a good show. Everybody played defense and everybody was shooting well.

    • Shawn: The teams split up. We're one team, so we've got 166 points together.

    • Shawn: They love basketball in Tucson just like they love it in Phoenix, so it was a great turnout.

    • Shawn: Everybody came out pumped up.

    • Shawn: The older I get, I'm starting to realize I need that time to rest, ... I'm not going to be doing that stuff (summer games) anymore. That's a wear and tear on your body. I'm still trying to rest my body from the playoffs.

    • Shawn: There's going to be a little bit of change out there on the floor because our lineup's different, but hopefully we're still going to be running and gunning.

    • Shawn: Once you get cut, it'll never be the same again regardless of what it is.

  • The Matrix

    Shawn Marion is a great Phoenix Sun who really knows how to play good. He can shoot the ball well too. So far, he's averaged 18.7 points per game throughout his NBA career. Not bad if you ask me, that's actually pretty good, since he started out in 1999-2000. The Matrix does almost everything, shoot, rebound, three-point, dunk, and so on.