Shawn Phelan





1/7/1975 , Stoughton, Massachusetts



Birth Name

Shawn Michael Phelan




Shawn Phelan was a born in Massachusetts, but moved to Houston Tx with his mother (me) and grandmother at the age of 7.

He was the first 2 year old I ever saw who could sit through a movie in a theatre without ever talking or taking his eyes off the screen. That movie was "Star Wars"
From then on, fear of him making noise in a movie was gone so we saw at least one movie a week throuout the late 70's to mid 80's.

Shawn showed an early interest in music and learned to play Beatles songs on his Muppet drum set at the age of 5. The first song he'd learn't was "This Boy".

Then on December 8th of that year (1980), John Lennon was murdered and we sat by a frozen lake listening to tributes for John on the radio. Shawn stayed quiet and took it all in. He regarded Lennon as his favorite Beatle, and possibly his favorite musician/song writer of all time.

In his teens he took up guitar while working on the film "Toy Soldiers" where he played Dered (aka Yogurt). The guys in the cast mostly played Pink Floyd songs. However for Shawn, it ws always the Beatles and his favorite song was "Blackbird" which he learned to play and sing flawlessly. Another favorite song he shared with me was "And your bird can sing." We both liked the guitar solo as it was sooo Harrison.

In 1994 he was broadsided at an intersection and suffered severe brain trauma. After 4 years of what if's and maybe's he passed away at the age of 23.

His Memorial stone has the actors masks as well as the quote "you were only waiting for this moment to arise"