Shawn Reaves

Shawn Reaves


2/5/1978, Monroe, Louisiana, USA

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Shawn Reaves


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Shawn Reaves was born in Monroe Louisiana in 1978. He studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York and was coached privately by Harold Guskin. He appears in the movies "Dandelion", "Auto Focus", and "Things Behind the Sun". He currently resides in Los Angeles.


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    • Shawn: I've always been a real fan of movies, and found out that there wasn't anything I could really do in life, so I just said, 'I might as well pretend for a living.'

    • "I kind of bounced around from school to school," said Reaves, during a recent telephone interview from Vancouver, where his new show is filmed. "I tried to get as much training as possible from all different kinds of teachers and coaches."

    • What he thinks about fame: "It's weird," he said. "You train so much on learning how to act, but you don't train with how to deal with anything. "I don't think it's something you prepare for."

    • Acting for television "is different from work in other businesses, in that your job is, like, forever," he said.

    • "Working actors inspire me," said Reaves, adding that the teen-targeted movies of director John Hughes also had a significant influence.

  • Shawn is great

    I found him to be very entertaining as Tru Davie's brother Harrison in Tru Calling. He always had some reason for her to come save the day, and at least once, she had to actually repeat a day to keep him from dying. I was however sad that they never did show the last episode on tv. I also have found him to quite interesting as other quest spots he has done. I enjoyed him as Eddie the lawyer on Life. I will continue to watch out for any other possible shows, movies, etc he may be a part of in the future.moreless
  • Happy Birthday Shawn !!!!!

    Happy Birthday to you Shawn, 28 years old wow, today 2-5-2006.

    You're a great actor, you did a very good job in tru calling, I don't know much other characters you've been playing but I really got that you were a wonderfull actor as Harrison Davies. You're also so hot and charming and well you see what i mean.

    I love you much.

    I don't understand how i can be the first to think of your birthaday on, everyone just su cks here. Well i need 100 words, it's hard, let's say stupid thinks like " I need 100 words " Yeah i did it.moreless