Shawn Stipich

Shawn Stipich


7/21/1970, Haywood, California, USA

Birth Name

Shawn Stipich



Also Known As

Meat, Mecca, The Mecca Of Manhood, The Perfect One, Perfect Shawn, Planet Stasiak, Shawn Stasiak, Shawn The Star Stasiak
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    • He has had the following wrestling names/nicknames of "Meat", "Mecca", "The Mecca Of Manhood", "The Perfect One", "Perfect Shawn", "Planet Stasiak", "Shawn Stasiak", "Shawn The Star Stasiak".

      He was trained for the squared circle by both Dory Funk Jr. and 'Doctor' Tom Pritchard and Shawn made his in-ring debut in 1996 as "Shawn Stasiak" in the PCCW (Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling) promotion located in California.

      Shawn's moves/holds include: DDT, Fireman's carry into pancake slam, Hangman's neckbreaker, Meat Grinder (inverted reverse DDT) Perfect Plex (fisherman's suplex) and the Rolling cutter.

      His wrestling managers have included Jacqueline (Jacqueline DeLois Moore), Kevin Nash (Kevin Scott Nash), Ryan Shamrock (Alicia Nicole Webb), Stacy Keibler (Stacy Ann-Marie Keibler) and Terri Runnels (Terri Ann Boatwright).

      He has won the Music City Wrestling MCW Television Championship 1-time, World Championship Wrestling WCW World Tag Team Championship 3-times all with Chuck Palumbo & the WWF/WWE Hardcore Championship 15-times.

    • Shawn is the son of former WWF Champion Stan "The Man" Stasiak.

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