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Shawn Woods

Shawn Woods


2/20/1970, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Shawn Edward Woods


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  • I have not seen Shawn in his other roles, but on 24 I thought he played a marvelous \\\"bad-guy\\\" or \\\"goon, #1\\\" as my friends and I called him. I think he played the part well and enjoyed the close-ups! Way to go Shawn!moreless

    I think Shawn could easily play more \\\"bad-dude\\\" roles. I hope to see him again soon on TV. I enjoyed his role on \\\"24\\\". Too bad they killed him off so quick. He was quite convicing in character as the dreadful, mean, quiet type. He needed more lines, he didn\\\'t have enough of a speaking part. I\\\'ll be watching for more. I love 24 and was pleasantly surprised on season 3 to see Shawn. He really took my breath away, literally. He was the perfect right-hand man to the villian. It would be nice to see Shawn in some different roles. I hope he takes on a new project soon and we get the chance to see him do something else.moreless