Shawnae Jebbia





8/26/1972 , California, USA

Birth Name

Shawnae Jebbia




Standing 5-8 and athletically built, Shawnae enjoys volleyball and running for exercise. She attended Jacksonville University in Florida from 1990-1994 on a volleyball scholarship. While there she earned a BA in communications and a minor in Business Administration. She got her first major television experience on the ESPN2 fitness show Co-Ed Training, starring on the show from 1995-1999. Shawnae won the Miss Massachusetts USA beauty pageant and went on to also win the overall Miss USA pageant on March 10, 1998. She competed in the 1998 Miss Universe pageant and finished in the top five contestants there. She earned several endorsements from her Miss USA victory and eventually became one of 'Barker's Beauties' on television's The Price is Right. Shawnae says that training for the Boston Marathon was one of her greatest challenges.