Shawnee Smith

Shawnee Smith


7/3/1970, Orangeburg, South Carolina

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  • Shawnee Smith in Anger Management
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Shawnee Smith's television credits include regular roles in the series "The Tom Show" and "Arsenio." She also appeared in the television movies "Something Borrowed, Something Blue," "I Saw What You Did" and "Face of Evil," all on CBS, "Two Cups of Joe" and "Crimes of Innocence," for which…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Shawnee Smith starred in the television movie "Something Borrowed, Something Blue".

    • Shawnee Smith dated Cleto Escobedo years ago. Her relationship with Escobedo, who is the band leader for and childhood friend of Jimmy Kimmel, was discussed on the October 31, 2006 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    • She shares her birthday with British actress Susan Penhaligon.

    • The DVD commentary for Saw 2 revealed that she was 4 monthes pregnant with her second child when she was filming Saw 2.

    • Shawnee was a frontlady for a band called Fydolla Ho, with which she toured the USA and the UK.

    • The first feature film Shawnee starred in was Annie.

    • Shawnee Smith has starred in all three Saw movies as Amanda.

    • Shawnee starred in three movies in 2004, they are Slipping Down Life, Saw and Never Get Outta The Boat.

    • Shawnee was a song performer in Saw 3, she also stars in Saw 3 as Amanda.

    • Shawnee will star in two movies in 2006, they are Almost Guys and Saw 3.

    • Shawnee starred in 2 movies in 2005, they are Saw 2 and The Island.

    • Shawnee's Husband, Kai Mattoon, is lead singer for California based metal band Ka Mana.

    • Shawnee's daughter Verve was born in 1999.

    • Shawnee still gets recognized by fans as "Meg Penny" from The Blob (1988), and she enjoys this very much. In more recent years, when she guested on The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show, Shawnee was treated to a short parody of said picture: The Fro, which was about a giant Afro-wig that goes around devouring people until the military bombards it with jeri-curl.

    • Shawnee's best known television role was Linda on the CBS comedy Becker.

    • Shawnee's height is 5'3.

    • Shawnee has appeared in Armageddon (1998) and The Island (2005), in both of which she acts in only one scene alongside Steve Buscemi.

    • She can also be credited as Shawnee Isaac Smith.

    • Steven Spielberg wrote her a letter of appreciation personally to her. He's only ever done that for Molly Ringwald.

    • Shawnee Smith has been married twice, and in her first marriage she had a girl who was named Verve after a band.

      She is the lead singer of rock band Fydolla Ho and is signed with an independent label and has released 2 albums.

  • Quotes

    • Shawnee: One of the most breathtaking moments in my life was meeting Anthony Cumia. His boyish charm really moved me.

  • A talented actress in a very appealing package.

    A multi-talented artiste, I've always felt Miss Smith was underused. Her choice in music (or at least the style of her band) is out of the mainstream commercial scene, which probably accounts for their obscurity as far as the general public is concerned. Her acting, on the other hand, has included popular and successful roles, spanning decades. With good posture and diction, and excellent comedic timing and delivery, she carries roles effortlessly. When playing 'nice', she comes across delightful and enchanting; when 'evil' she can be particularly frightening.

    All that without mentioning her physique, which in my humble opinion is astoundingly beautiful.moreless
  • Despite starring in TV shows and movies several times over, Shawnee Smith remains a somewhat unheard of actress. Perhaps her most well-known role is Linda, the trendy but rather of a ditz receptionist on Becker, a show that lasted for six seasons but verymoreless

    Shawnee Smith isn\'t a household name like Axe deodorant and Martha Stewart, but she ought to be when you weight out her prolific output, good looks, and of course, the biggie, talent. Her career began in a McDonald\'s commercial, and it elevated from there. Probably her most poignant role was on the CBS comedy sitcom, Becker, where she played a ditzy, man-attracting, trendy receptionist whose excuses for lateness and everything else were always preceded by her classic line, \"Here\'s the thing.\" She was born on July 3rd, in 1970 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. She has been married twice and divorced once. From her first marriage she produced a baby girl who was named Verve after a band. Referring to her character Linda on Becker, \"That character and that writing is a serious luxury. Ted\'s always joking, \'I\'ve got to say a three-quarters of a page-long speech and you come in with one line right after it and get the big laugh.\" Certainly, Shawnee has a taste for comedy, but that\'s not where this mini biography leaves off.

    She was in a band herself, Fydolla Ho where she was the lead singer. The band has released 2 albums, a self-titled debut and a follow-up to it, Untied. Both these albums are only available online. I have suspicions the band is no longer active, but I can\'t be sure. Of her band she says people leave concerts either satisfied, or stupefied. Buy either or both albums at for $19.95 each. The albums are all autographed.

    I think it's surprising that she isn't that well-known. She ought to be, with good looks, youthful vitality, a slight elliptical voice, and a lot of potential.

    But she\'s young yet in her mid-thirties. Maybe we can see her become not just a household name but a Hollywood name. We\'ll conclude this biography with another quote, this one referring to her roles. \"I don\'t know why I get cast for these quirky parts because I\'m really not like that at all. It\'s crazy,\" she says.