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  • She'd be better if she wasn't Bootz's shadow!

    Shay is on the VH1 reality show Flavor of Love, but she got expelled. Because of her negative attitude, she got sent to Charm School. And like Bootz herself, she was a drama starter! If you mention one thing that she disagreed with, she'd start something with you, and she was on a show that was suppose to improve yourself. But for some reason, she still on the show. And still has a chance for the prize money, even though the picture thing was just as much her idea as it was Larissa's! I just hope the other girls beat her at the last Charm School challenge!
  • BUCKEEY IS FINE!she told on boots so what if never would of told she would of got eliminated so it was a hard decision to make but she had to do what she had to do.

    i think buckeey is so beautiful and she is so fine i like her style she's so quiet sometimes and she's very smart i was so jealous when flav was touching her booty i wish i could touch her booty.but i hope she win that compentision on charm school. she is so fine, she is really a good person she's so cute if was flav i would of picked her so what if she almost killed krazy nobody likes her anyway lol hahah. shay shay is a cute girl and very smart and i would love to be her boyfriend
  • Well shay is wrong for telling on larissa because they were posed to be friends and she gon tell on her like dat that pissed me of

    WEll shay johnson is a nice girl but she oftens get along with larissa but she told that she took leiliens picture but they both did so i beleive they both should of went home plus larissa need it mored than shay do shay do not evben need it all because she pushed krazy things happen sometimes so thats why she should of went home and larissa should have stayed because i lovve larissa she is like a sister i never had because she is just like me she speak her mind just like i do if i got something to say i am gonna say it regardless how big or small you are point blank.
  • Shay "Buckeey" Johnson from "Flavor of Love 2"

    Shay "Buckeey" Johnson was born in Hawaii, has resided in multiple places such as Atlanta, California, New York, and Wisconsin due to her father being in the Army. She is most know for her strength and drive to succeed in any and everything she does. Shay is most recognized from the television Reality show Flavor of Love 2. To learn more please visit