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  • Trivia

    • Shayne is taking his second album Breathless on a UK tour in May 2008.

    • Shayne has a waxwork at Madame Tussauds in London.

    • In August 2006, Shayne's manager, Louis Walsh, released a statement saying that Shayne had vocal cord nodules and was going to see a specialist surgeon in Los Angeles but that he was confident Shayne would be back working soon.

    • In November 2006, Shayne released his autobiography called My Story.

    • Before the X Factor, Shayne was in a band called Destiny with two of his friends, Tracy Murphy and Tracey Lyle.

    • Shayne auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals, a talent show to create a boyband and made it to the top 30 contestants.

    • Shayne's second album Breathless debuted at number 2 in the UK album charts in December 2007.

    • Shayne has a twin sister named Emma.

    • Shayne's single No Promises reached number 2 in the UK charts.

    • Shayne Ward will be heading to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on Monday 29th January 2007 to celebrate and perform tracks from his new album.

      This is his first, official album performance.

    • Shayne headed to Manchester on Monday, 17th April to launch his debut album on his own turf.

    • Shayne says it will be easier to just be single, then he wouldn't have to worry too much about all the temptations that come with the territory.

    • His album has now been officially released. These next few weeks are crucial for his career, as to whether he will be able to make another album or fall into the 'one-hit-wonders' catagory.

    • He is appearing in Woolworths adverts in the U.K. To help advertise new products and his album.

    • He had never dyed his hair or worn make-up until the promotion shoot of his album 'No Promises'.

    • Does not like the reality TV show 'Big Brother'.

    • He is already looking into the possibilty of another album, but the only way this will happen depends on how well the first album sells.

    • Each member of Shayne's family was at every live Saturday night X Factor performance cheering him on.

    • He says that if his music career really does take off, he might consider doing some acting. But for the moment, it's 100% music.

    • Was shocked when he found out that 'Abi Titmuss' was interested in meeting him!

    • Shayne soon wants to shake off the X Factor background.

      He would prefer it if every time he was mentioned in a magazine - he wasn't introduced as 'X-Factor's Shayne Ward'.

      'I'm glad I won the competition and can't thank Louis Walsh more - but I want my talent to be recognised, I want more than just recognition for the show'.

    • He tries to go on as many holidays as he can - he absolutely loves water parks.

    • Shayne is still in contact with some of the members from the X Factor - especially with Brenda, who came fourth in the competition.

    • Shayne is worried about the possibilty of his career slipping into nothing. Like winner of The X Factor 2004 Steve Brookstein.

    • Currently, Shayne Ward has no tour planed, but he is looking to have one in the near future.

    • He is good friends with X Factor host Kate Thornton.

    • His most recent single is called "No Promises" and it is the second track on his album

    • Shane's first pet was a german shephard, named 'Shep'.

    • To celebrate his 21st Birthday, he went on stage in front of 8 million TV viewers to sing Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting.

    • 21 years ago Shayne was born two month prematurely. His mum, Philomena Ward, said: "Shayne was given 24 hours to live because he couldn't breathe properly - but he's certainly got powerful lungs on him now."

    • Shane believes his second talent is dancing. He's self-taught and believes that he could hold his own on most dance floors!

    • He won 'The X Factor' by 1% over other finalist Andy Abraham.

    • Shayne Ward was in the 16-24 category. Louis Walsh was his mentor.

    • His first single [That's My Goal] reached number one as a late christmas release.

    • He won a $1,000,000 record contract with Sony BMG music.

    • Shayne won the 2005 edition of 'The X Factor' in which 75,000 people auditioned.

  • Quotes

    • Shayne: It's nice to be called a sex symbol. I guess it boosts my confidence to be told I'm a good-looking guy. But Botox is very big here in LA so maybe I'll have a go at that.

    • Shayne: (After winning the X Factor) The reason I'm doing all of this is for my mum. She deserves the best, she's brought up seven kids, she can relax now and not be stressed out every Saturday night with whether I'm going or not. She can just relax and think, 'My son's done it for me.'

    • Shayne: (About his second album) I'd rather give people a taste of my personality instead of banging on about 'my art' or 'my creation'. I listen to music for fun so why wouldn't I make it for the same reason?

    • Shayne: There's nothing about being famous that worries me. All I've got to do is sing, so that's my main focus.

    • Shayne: (About winning the X Factor) It's not all about the money. Definitely not. The reason I entered this competition was because I love singing, that's all I wanted to do. It's not all about the money or the fame for me.

    • Shayne: (About Simon Cowell) He's like Marmite - you either love it or you don't. I love it.

    • Shayne: I'm going to be around for a long time and I don't think it's a vain thing to say. I have what it takes and the record company knows that.

    • Shayne: I can't believe I've done it! I've actually got my record contract - this is unreal!