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Sheila Nevins (I)

Sheila Nevins (I)


4/6/1939, Manhattan, New York, USA

Birth Name

Sheila J. Nevins



Also Known As

Sheilan Nevins
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Nevins is President of Documentary and Family Programming for HBO and Cinemax. She earned a bachelor of the arts degree from Barnard College and a master of fine arts degree from Yale University. Nevins produced documentaries before joining HBO in 1979. Nevins has overseen production of nearly 500…more


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    • Sheila Nevins: You can't come up with an idea if you feel good about yourself.

    • Sheila Nevins: I don't really have a philosophy. When it feels right - right for HBO, and for the particular producer or director - when it's slightly different or experimental on some level, you just lunge at it and take your chances.

    • Sheila Nevins: I have a respect for people telling their own stories. Holocaust survivors, cancer survivors, sex workers, pimps - they all wrestle with the same things. They want to survive the onslaughts. They have to make a living. They want to be excited and stimulated by life. I think that surviving in this complex, tossed-about universe is courageous, and how people do that is of great interest to me.

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