Shelby Young





4/8/1992 , South Florida

Birth Name




Shelby began acting at age 5 and hasn't stopped since. Shelby was born in South Florida, but has lived in New York City and currently resides in Los Angeles. Shelbys career has taken her to many great locations, but some of her favorites are The Carribean and Iceland.

Shelby likes the typical teenage stuff such as: shopping at the mall, going to the beach, hanging with her friends, movies, talking on the phone, Intant Messaging and boys. She loves all kinds of animals especially strays that she finds or that find her. Shelby has a cat and a small dog that live at her Dads and she had a big beautiful Boxer mix that lived with her and her Mom that unfortunately passed away last year.

Shelby's goals for this year is to have continued success in her acting, to have the opportunity for more dramatic roles, to get a puppy/cat/bird/fish/guinea pig/anything!! To make lots of new great friends.

Thank you to Shelby's mom for this biography