Shelley Conn

Shelley Conn


Barnet, London

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Shelly Conn
  • Shelley Conn as Elisabeth Shannon on Ter...
  • Shelley Conn as Elisabeth Shannon on Ter...
  • Shelley Conn as Elizabeth Shannon on Ter...
  • The Mistresses.
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Shelley hit the big time when she starred in the fifth season of Down to Earth. Before that she'd mostly done bit-parts in British movies and shows, since then her TV appearances have included Sky1's Strike Back, ITV's Marchlands and Channel 4's Dead Set.

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  • Super gorgeous women...Great show. From a guy who hasn't missed and episode. And no, this guy is not gay

    I think that the character Shelly Conn portraits is very intriguing. She is confident, arrogant, and vulnerable. She thinks she's immune to love, but she finds out differently. I'm a guy and I find myself sucked into watching her and her co-stars every episode. Shelly is a very beautiful woman with or without all the make-up...With her background she just seems to naturally ooze sensuality, just to say that she is sexy simply is an understatement. I guess that makes me a new fan half way around the world. I'll look forward to seeing here in her next endeavor. Ciao!!!moreless