Shelley Fabares





Santa Monica, California

Birth Name

Michele Ann Marie Fabares




Born into a show business family, Shelley was acting almost before she could walk. She had bit parts in commercials and on TV until the age of 14, when she was cast as Donna Reed's daughter. This would prove to be Shelley's big break. While on that show, she recorded the song "Johnny Angel" which became a pop hit.

She co-starred in 3 Elvis Presley movies and filmed numerous TV pilots. Unfortunately, none of the pilots were picked up. Finally, in the '70s, Shelley began to get regular work again--guest starring on many TV shows.

In the late '70s, she landed a role on One Day at a Time, and in 1989 as cast in Coach.

She is married to actor Mike Farrell, and the two are vocal activists for numerous political causes.