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  • Trivia

    • Shelley is 5 foot 4 inches tall (163cm).

    • For two years after her marriage to Mike Ferrell, Shelley attended family therapy with Mike, his two children, his ex-wife and her new husband. The counseling was designed to ease the anxiety Mike's kids might feel about their parents' new marriages.

    • Shelley left The Donna Reed Show while it was still on the air because she was getting married and thought she should focus on her new husband.

    • Shelley has been nominated for two Emmys (1993, 1994). Both were for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work on Coach.

    • Shelley married record producer Lou Adler in 1964. The two separated two years later in 1966 and never lived together again; however, they did not divorce until 1980.

    • Shelley's nickname on The Donna Reed Show was Shelley-Belle.

    • After watching her mother struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Shelley became a vocal activist and fundraiser for the National Alzheimer's Association. She has sat on the board of directors, spoken publicly, and testified before Congress on behalf of the organization.

    • After recording a demo for Colpix Records, music executives were unimpressed with Shelley's voice. However, Tony Owen (Donna Reed's husband) was convinced that Shelley would be a music star, so he used his own money to finance the album that produced the hit "Johnny's Angel."

    • In November 2000, Shelley and her husband received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Catholics in Media Association.

    • Shelley is the only actress to have appeared in three Elvis Presley movies (Spinout, Clambake, and Girl Happy).

    • After being diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, Shelley underwent a successful liver transplant operation in 2000.

    • Shelley married actor Mike Farrell on December 31, 1984.

    • The actress Nanette Fabray is Shelley's aunt.

    • Shelley had a number one hit song in 1962, "Johnny Angel".

  • Quotes

    • Shelley: (about Donna Reed) She was a woman of just enormous intelligence and integrity and compassion and curiosity. She was definitely a role model in my life.

    • Shelley: (about her liver disease and transplant) This is the kind of situation that can tear people apart. It tears at the fabric of your soul and can certainly tear at your marriage and ours has gotten only stronger. Not only did we get closer, but friends and even people I didn't know were seriously praying for me. It was an enormous experience to go through, and although I wouldn't wish it on any one, it has been — with the exception of meeting my husband — the most profound experience my life. It has changed everything forever.

    • Shelley: I had to have a complete liver transplant. I waited with a beeper for a year and 10 months to get that gift.