Shelley Hack

Shelley Hack


7/6/1952, Greenwich, Connecticut

Birth Name

Shelley Marie Hack


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Shelley Hack is a talented actress, a classic beauty and has intelligence. Unfortunately, TV and movies didn\'t value that over obvious physical characteristics. She would have done better if born later.moreless

    Shelley Hack was a trendsetter and a groundbreaker. When she was fighting her way through the TV and movie business, women were still viewed as \\\'objects,\\\' and their obvious physical characteristics were more important than their acting abilities or talents. Shelley was fortunate to have been the \\\'Charlie\\\' girl, and she was well-suited for that role. A classical beauty, a fresh and clean demeanor and stage presence cleared the way for her to be the sole representative for a brand-name perfume - a rare opportunity.

    \\\'Charlie\\\' surfaced again, this time in \\\"Charlie\\\'s Angels,\\\" where she proved her capable acting abilities but only lasted one season because the neandertal-quality viewers wanted to watch voluptuous female bodies, not good acting.

    Had Shelly Hack been born 10 years later, she would have had more opportunities to show her talent and would have received more of the accolades she deserved.

    Actually, she was born in 1947, not 1952 (I knew her in Junior High School); not sure why half the internet has her date wrong!moreless