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    • Shelley: (On her work with Buzz Free Prom) The organization's mission is to take alcohol out of the prom equation. You get teenagers, kids in high school, to sign a pledge that they won't drink on prom night. They all get together and make this pact.

    • Shelley: (On dealing with her brother's death) I went through four years of high school without ever feeling it. I never showed my emotions, ever. My parents kept asking me if I wanted to go to therapy, but dancing was my life and I just did that.

    • Shelley (on her DAYS audition) I bombed the rehearsal. I couldn't remember one line for the life of me. Nerves just got to me and Mary Beth Evans was very comforting. I went into my dressing room and had a nervous breakdown because I was overwhelmed. I had just gotten there the day before, hadn't slept in two days. I went back out for the screen test and nailed it.

    • Shelley: (on winning Miss Teen USA) It was like winning the lottery. Everybody dreams of it, but nobody ever thinks it can happen to them!

    • Shelley: Every time we'd go eat somewhere, my friends would be like, "She's Miss Teen USA. We should probably get 50 percent off or something." I would turn beet red.