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Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison


10/26/1936, New York City, New York State, USA

Birth Name

Rachel Mitrani



Also Known As

Shelly Morrison, Rachel Mitrani, Shelley Morris
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Despite remaining on the periphery of character stardom all these years, New York-born character actress Shelley Morrison has had a long and varied career since the early 60s. She started out on TV in such popular shows as The Farmer's Daughter and Laredo, making a career out of…more


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    • Shelley: (On her 2003 arrest) I don't know why I did it. I remember buying the shoes and I remember walking outside and having three security people starting to yell at me to take off my jacket. They were taking these tacky things out of my jacket. It was stuff I wouldn't have bought and it was on sale and when they tallied it up it came to $98, but for some reason the store's policy was they were going to charge me full price. I've since seen therapists and they explained to me that I left no room for myself and sometimes the mind has a mini earthquake. I did a dumb thing that was so out of character.

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