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  • A big fan that needs help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • Words of Profound Insight


    Always continue to stay strong and to believe in your passions and dreams, I send my heartfelt gratitude to you all with kindness and generosity, always stay strong and be courageous throughout all of your endeavors, allow your insight to continue to impact through inspiration. I send my loving kindness and sentiments of sincerity to you all with tender mercies, always believe I have faith in you all through infinite and divine wisdom, please let me know if there is anything I can do to support, I will strive to help as much as I can, is I send my insight and words of impact.

    Sincerely, Tyre

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  • The hottest man alive

    I love you shemar moore because u have a great sense of humour and when u play Derek in criminal minds u make me feel like I should listen to my mum on how to date a man for the first time I've recently just turned 18 and I recently started watching criminal minds and I am loving every bit of it. xxxx LOVE U SOOOOOOOOO MUCH SHEMAR UR HOT AS
  • The Best Looking Man on CM (Criminal Minds)

    I was raised not to date outside my race, but if I were to date outside my race, I would date him. He is the hottest man on the show!!!!!!!! The rating bar doesn't go higher than 10, but he is more than a 10! HE IS A 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SHEMAR!!!!!!!!!
  • granddaughter loves your show

    every week me and my 11yr old granddaughter watch your show. She absolutely loves it and is pretty good for recognizing details during the show. If I had know your show was going to be taped in Boston, I definitely would have managed to take her hopefully to see how your show is taped and maybe meet some of the cast. She watches the show over and over during the marathons. It doesn't matter how many times she sees an episode, she will watch them over and over again. Love the show myself and look forward to every episode. Congrats to the cast for making a great show. 10
  • mother love

    my mom loves you
  • Shemar Moore, you gotta love him!

    Shemar Moore, my favorite character on Criminal Minds! He RULEZ! If he ever leaves the show, criminal minds will be just... probably boring
  • thediary of a good actor and director

    shemar f. moore

    is a verygood actor and a good director

    he is blessed by god and i love him

    to everyone that is using facebook please be respectful

    and please have some manners

    and please vote for him with your ratings

    thank you and have a blessed day
  • Just love ittttttt

    I love this show Criminal Minds and can't wait for it to come back..
  • Criminal Mind Fan#1

    Shemar is the sexiest man alive!! NO doubt! I love Criminal Minds! The best show/series I've ever seen. His acting makes his character seem real. It would be hard to see him any other way. I never watched The Young & Restless, but maybe I'll look up some old epidodes lol. I wonder after working/acting like a Criminal Profiler, about crimes that have really happened, if the profiling/investigator starts to rub off on you? It may sound silly but, I've profiled people my whole life & I'm pretty good at it. Profiling at the FBI would be my dream career, or would have been. Dealing with and re-enacting real life crimes, knowing all the details, learing the lingo etc. Just wondering...
  • tvfan-73

    I just started to watch reruns of Criminal Minds. I love the show, especially Morgans' relationship with Garcia! He has a great personality and much sex appeal. Sorry I've missed so many episodes. It will be one of my favorite cop show along with Law & Order Special Victims.

  • morgans girl

    i love you so much morgan
  • South Beach July 2nd, 2005.

    I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Shemar in Miami over the Fourth of July weekend. He was an incredible pleasure to meet. A man with abs that nice, who actually has a personality and a friendly repoire with fans, is indeed a hard man to find these days in Hollywood...Or South Beach!!

    ..Oh and one last thing, the pictures I brought home...Smokin\' hot!! Just like Mr. Moore is physically..and as he should be in \"Hollywood\".

    I was blessed to be one of the 1st people to see Shemar to make his debut as Malcolm on Y and R.I was absolutely stunned at his beauty when I spotted him make his debut!!!!!Never before had I seen a more beautiful Black man grace the t.v screen.I was mesmerized and captivated by this beautiful man!I immediately wrote to and sent him pictures of me not expecting a response.To my surprise,I got, the 1st time, 3 beautiful, black and white 8X10 photos OF Shemar autographed!!!.On 1 it said,'You go girl with your fine self!!!'.Since then I have followed this gorgeous man and to this day, I am still a loyal fan some 11 or so years later!I have watched this ripe,young model become an incredible actor who has given the world eyefuls of his talent!He has worked harder than any actor and has become an everyday name in many households, not only because of his beauty but because he is very talented and has truly proven himself.He has rightfully earned his spot on the red carpet!Shemar will become one of the most highly respected actors in Hollywood because he has amazing qualities and talents that he intends to show the world!Look out,world! Here comes Shemar 'Shameasy' Moore!!!!!
  • I totally felt in love with him!...Felt not only for the gorgeous man he is but also as the talented actor he became thru the years.

    I first saw him on the Y&R and I watched the show for a while just to see his beautiful face. But I quickly realized that he was much more than just beauty. He's such a talented actor we so much to offer to the world.
    His role in Tyler's Perry movie, Diarie of a Mad Black woman, was the best he ever had so far. He played it so well that i bought the movie just to wacth it over and over again. I really think he was the best actor for this role and I have total respect for him. I wish the entire world could know about the great guy he is and I wish I will meet him some day :-)
  • Shemar Moore is by far a very talented actor.

    I have watched Shemar Moore on 'The Young & The Restless','Soul Train' and now on 'Criminal Minds'.
    In each of his performances, he has proven that he deserves to be called a talented actor.
    Not only is he talented, but he has this on-set passion that reflects through his character.
    It is as if his personality exits his body, and that of his character enters. In other words, on set he is completely ensynced with the character he is protraying.

    Aside from that, he is so not bad to look at. He is gorgeous and charming and sweet.
    What's not to love?!

    He can be the sweet loving father and uncle, as protrayed in 'The Young & The Restless'; or he can be the tough hard edged FBI agent he protrays on 'Criminal Minds'.
    However, regardless of his role, he makes it look good!
  • Amazing.

    Until I began watching Criminal minds, I never thought much of Shemar Moore. His portrail of Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan on CBS's hit show [Criminal Minds] made me realize that he is much, much more than just some shmuck who was on a soap. He is increadible.. There is so much strength and beauty in his ability to "become" Morgan. The passion is so powerful in this role that they are not two seperate individuals they really are one. In tonight's episode of C.M. "Profiler, Profiled" he has proven just how talented he is...

    The only 4 words to truly describe Shemar are : Powerful, Passionate, Amazing, and Beautiful.
  • The main reason i watch Criminal Minds.

    I will be the first to admit that Shemar Moore is the main reason i tune into for Criminal Minds every Wedensday night. I have been watching Shemar Moore from when i was a little kid and i always enjoyed watching whatever he was in at the time. I watched Young and the Restless with my grandmother as a kid and loved every second that he was on the show. I really liked him in the movie Diary of a Mad Black Women. I do not think there will be a role that he takes on that i will not enjoy seening him in.

    Shemar Moore is an amazing actor and fantastic eye candy! I have never seen such a sexy man in my life. I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds, and he does a wonderful job of playing a hunky Derek Morgan. He is too amazing for words. He is one of my favorite actors of all time! I am confidant that Shemar Moore could have his own show, and make it big time. It is really awesome that he is proud of being half black and half white. I am very very pleased that they cast such an incredible actor for Criminal Minds! KUDOS!
  • Shemar's smooth confidence and humble demeanor are an awesome combination!

    I love, love, love his character on Criminal Minds and he is absolutely THE most attractive man in the world! He is smart, confident, strong, and morally sound! His story line shocked me when he went back to his home town and nailed his old coach for molestation! I am so impressed that a mainstream character like him would take on such an agonizing role! Love him! Respect him!
  • Not since Dennis Franz on "NYPD Blue" has a "cop" role been played with such range. ,


    Shemar's portrayal of SSI Morgan has touched me on so many levels, it's hard to put a finger on what strikes me the most. His performance on the episode where the character's molestation as a kid was revealed, was Emmy worthy! My reaction to his Morgan character's perplexing treatment of the priest and religion in the "cannibal" episode was acting at its best, because it elicited a psychological response from me.

    Tough action guy meets empathetic nice guy. The innuendo laced relationship with the Garcia character is as delightfully anticipated as Fred Sanford's Aunt Esther jokes and LaVerne & Shirley's Lenny & Squiggy segues! Hat's off to the producers of Criminal Minds to recognize this fine actor's talents and letting him "run with the ball"!
  • are awesome!! I watched you on Young and the Restless and loved you then and I love, love, love your character on Criminal Minds! And I have seen interviews with you and your mom and I am so impressed by you as a son.


    I love your friendship relationship with Penelope!!! "Baby Girl" so precious a name for her. You are like a big brother to her. I love watching you act on the show. I love watching the re-runs on other channels too. I hope the show stays on for a very long time and I hope you stay with it too!! Thanks for the entertainment! And I hope you don't mind me saying (I am 58) that you have an awesome body and I love your smile and your eyes and your voice....I apologize for going on so. Keep up the great work!!!!! A fan from NC.


    Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy!!!! Oh I like the show I love each and evey last episode. I just really love to look at Shemar and pretend it's me he is saving. I have had a crush on this man since his days on Y&R.
    The show itself has replaced CSI for me. I would love to see him and Penelope get together. I think iwould want her job the most. She the mastermind to the team but she keeps safe in most cases and stays behind closed doors. I just love everything about the show except Hotchner, he really needs to smile and show a few human traits. He character is way too icy and cold for my taste.
  • Vigilante, hunk: yes. Actor? Doubtful

    Let us see what mr Hunky can do if he is getting a less ridiculous role than the vigilante-doing-a-police-job. In Criminal Minds he is the weakest actor, considering the weight of his role in the series. He would well fit in something low end like The Bold and the Beautiful, especially since I do not watch that show. TV makers, please give him his own hunky show, so he gets isolated from the good television series for good.

    What needs to be said about the qualities of this actor can be stated in by far fewer than one hundred words, but that is a minor detail. Thanks a lot.
  • He is witty, smart, and the scenes with Garcia in Criminal Minds are just plain superb and of the best shows I have seen in a long time!!!!!


    Shemar is not just a talented actor, he is an intuitive one who can place himself in his roles and comes across genuine. I loved his role in "Diary of a black woman" and he is superior as an FBI Agent in "Criminal Minds." Being the sexiest man alive, of course, doesn't hurt either :-)

  • I'm an Army Veteran who would like to meet Shemar for my 30th Birthday (and just before my deployment to the Middle East...again). Learn more about it here:

    My sister and grandmother met Shemar IRL a couple years ago. Sis says he was warm, approachable and down to earth. I would like to meet him for my 30th Bday and before I deploy to the Middle-East (I'm an Army Vet). You can learn more / help here:

    Pretty much - I have enjoyed watching him on Criminal Minds and figured, since hearing how my sis characterized him, that I could meet him. Besides, he appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show, and Ellen said she would hook him up with someone. I would like to be that individual. If it doesn't work out...the past few months that I've spent drumming up different ways to do this will certainly make for a fun story!

    Thanks in advance for any help, all!
  • Love him! He is an awesome actor and sexy to boot, what more could you ask for. I love the Morgan/Garcia relationship/interactions.

    I have no idea why they have a 100 word minimum to review. I would understand a maximum number but it just makes no sense to have a minimum. I feel like I'm in high school and writing a book report or something. As you can tell I'm just typing things to say until I come up with the magical minimum number. Oh well, I'm getting bored. I thought I would review all the cast but this is just too much. Hopefully the overseers of this sight will read this and think to themselves "duh, why do we have a minimum on the reviews, that's stupid".
  • The man is just talented and then it's an extra plus when he's also sexy

    It doesn't take much acting skills to do Soul Train and you don't take that role on TV as something magical or special, Shemar was just there on the show looking fine and doing his job so you know I had to tune in to Soul Train. I don't watch soaps so I didn't catch him never on the young and the restless but whatever he did on that show I'm sure he did his thing. Now he is on criminal Minds mixing things up and doing a great job acting. I can agree with Garcia if I worked with him I would be flirting to, he is just distracting to be around, just too too fine for his own good and so he's a perfect ten.....
  • empty

    I saw him in Diary of a Mad Black Woman and was blown away with his talent. I really liked him Diary of a Mad Black Woman. He is so gorgeous and he just captures your attention with his eyes, especially in the movies that he does and also in Crimminal Minds. He has the most beautiful eyes that will turn your attention on to him and to only him, but thats just my opinion and I think the girls would agree with me on that observation.
  • Just watched the best episode I have ever seen!!

    Great acting skills and truly talented. It makes me wonder why he is not presented with more attention in the episodes, he is a great actor (and I am no just saying that because he is gorgeous!). I have seen some episodes where I believe he could have held back some, but generally, I am more than pleased watching him (and drooling). The episode I just finished watching was the two-part series one where this guy shot Penelope. I am disappointed that such a non-central character would get a two-part episode and I have yet to see an episode focused around Shemar.
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