Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard


3/17/1895, Brooklyn, New York



Birth Name

Samuel Horwitz


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Shemp gave up driving after he drove a car through a storefront window, while taking a driving lesson from his brother, Moe Howard.

    • Shemp stood 5'6" - taller than any of the stooges.

    • In 1931, Shemp, Larry, and Moe left Ted Healey to form their own comedy team, Three Lost Souls. They returned to Ted the next year.

    • In the late 1910s, Moe and Shemp formed a blackface Vaudeville act. The team briefly disbanded when Shemp was drafted into the U.S. Army.

    • Among Shemp's early occupations, he set up pins at a bowling alley and delivered newspapers. He also worked as a plumber, but quit after burning his hand on hot solder.

    • Shemp's favorite actors were Andy Devine, Richard Allen and Horace MacMahon. Patsy Kelly was his favorite actress.

    • Shemp's favorite Three Stooges comedy was Fright Night (1947). This was his first role in the trio following Curly's death.

    • Shemp spent his leisure time fishing, attending boxing matches and listening to Cole Porter music.

    • Shemp had several phobias including a fear of heights, a fear of driving or being driven in a car, and a fear of water.

    • In 1927 Shemp's wife, Gertrude "Babe" Frank, gave birth to their son, Morton.

    • In between his split career with The Three Stooges, Shemp played the role of Knobby Walsh in the Joe Palooka series of movie shorts.

    • In 1937, Shemp opened the "Stage One" nightclub (now Andre's restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard).

    • Upon graduating from high school, Shemp enrolled at the Baron De Hirsch Trade School in New York to become a plumber.

    • Shemp's mother, with her strong European accent, would call him "Sam" (his actual name), but it sounded as if she was saying "Shemp". Thus, his nickname was born.

    • Shemp was one of the first stooges and he left to make a name for himself and to become solo, and Curly came in to take over Shemp's place and after Curly had a stroke, Shemp came back and now in movie making a body double is now nicknamed a "Shemp."

    • Shemp worked in numerous films outside the Stooge trio.

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  • The underappreciated member of the Three Stooges.

    With his slick hair, fake tough guy demeanor, and huge nose, Shemp not only looked like a gifted comic, he was a gifted comic. Although he rarely leaves the shadow of his younger brother Curly, Shemp was just as funny and just as talented. Shemp excelled more at verbal jokes and routines than Curly did, but he didn't have quite as many memorable quirks as his brother. Shemp starred opposite big stars such as John Wayne and W.C. Fields, but his work there is often overlooked for his Stooges prowess. He starred in many memorable Stooges classics such as "Brideless Groom" and "Who Done It?". A brilliant individual.moreless
  • hes my favorite stooge

    he is a strong and great stooge my most favorite member of the three stooges i wonder what it be like if this guy was the star of the three stooges i do like moe larry and curly but this guy is my most favorite of the three stooges moe and shemp look excaktly a like yet schemp is older than moe so there not twins but anywas his real name is samuel hes called schemp because of how his mom called by and he npicked this name for this so i give this guy a 10.0 thrreestoogesfan joe sawyermoreless