Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes


10/24/1989, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Shenae Sonya Grimes


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Shenae Grimes was born on 24 October 1989, and is a Toronto native. She's half Irish on her father's side, and half Italian on her mother's side. As a young girl she thought about becoming a dancer, singer or a fashion designer. She never really thought about becoming…more


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  • Getting better and better...

    I can't find one reason why not to like Shenae besides personal reasons {I.e. smoking} She's gorgeous, he hair is beautiful and she is an extremely talented actress on one of my favorite tv shows in the world. As an avid 90210 watcher since season 1, I can say that I genuinely saw huge sparks of talent in Ms. Grimes in a select few episodes which include"We're not in Kansas Anymore" "Games People Play" and the season finale of season 1. The episode title escapes me now. However, this is not to say that her performance was ever lacking. There was just an extra zest in her line delivery or body language or interpretation that made these episodes eligible for nonstop repeat. Now in season 2, her character has grown more complex and she handles the transitions superbly. Also, I know this is contradictory, but I have not been able to keep up as well this season so will have to buy season 2 on dvd. However, within the episodes I have seen, Shenae has definitely blossomed into an excellent actress and she presents a huge reason for why I watch the show. I wish her nothing but success and look forward to seeing her in the future doing even bigger projects.moreless
  • She's that girl you liked on Degrassi then suddenly turned into a talentless diva on 90210

    Okay, miss Shenae.... SHE CANNOT ACT!!!

    She can read the lines, have a dramatic and scratchy voice and look pretty. She has no talent and am so confused why people see to like her!!

    Every time she comes on the screen on 90210, all I can think about is how terrible she is! She reads her lines with kind of a soap-operah-like drama-queen way but it's like really really bad.

    She was okay on Degrassi, in the beginning, then all the 'fame' must have got to her and affected her ability to be a good actress.

    She can't act even a little bit. And I think the only reason she's famous is because she's really skinny and has big hair.moreless