Sheree J. Wilson

Sheree J. Wilson


12/12/1958, Rochester, Minnesota, USA

Birth Name

Sheree Julienne Wilson



Also Known As

Sheree Wilson
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Sheree J. Wilson played April Stevens for five seasons in the long-running hit series Dallas on CBS. Her other television credits include the series Our Family Honor and Velvet, the films Powers Play, News at Eleven, and Past Tense, and, on CBS, the mini-series Kane and Abel. Her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I want more Sheree!!

    So I am a late bloomer to the greatness that is Sheree J. Wilson. I knew who she was from Dallas and Walker, Texas Ranger but I never really watched either until recently. I started watching Walker and got hooked, big time. Sheree was the main reason. Her character is smart, beautiful, witty, caring, everything that makes a good lead role for a TV show. I realized right away that I was a WAMMER because I wanted to best for Alex. Then I had to see what else Sheree was in and found Dallas, where her b*tch on wheels character was so different from Alex. She can pull it all off and do it well. I just wish that she was doing more now. She has done a few movies but I really do miss seeing fresh work from her. Bring Her Back To TV!!moreless
  • Sheree is very beautiful and made a terrific girlfriend and wife for Walker, Texas Ranger! If I had never met my wife, I would love to go out with her! However, we\\\\\\\'re very much in love! God bless you Sheree! May His Peace be with you!moreless

    I think Sheree Wilson has a beautiful smile. I think she is believable as a character. I loved the way she and Chuck Norris reacted to one another. They made me believe that Walker and Alex had strong feelings for one another. When she was supposed to be scared, Sheree made me believe she was terrified. I believe she was a great supporting actress. I don\\\\\\\'t blame Chuck one bit for choosing her, for she was an excellent choice for Alex Cahill, District Attorney. I loved the way she would look at Walker with other women. You could tell, Alex wanted to be the only woman in Walker\\\\\\\'s life, but she bit her lip and held it in and bided her time. She held it in long enough that she finally got her man.moreless