Sheri Moon Zombie

Sheri Moon Zombie


9/26/1970, San Jose, CA

Birth Name

Sheri Skurkis



Also Known As

Sheri Moon, Kitty Moon
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Widely known not only as Rob Zombie's beautiful wife, but also the most iconic female serial killer to emerge on the modern horror scene. Sheri was born in San Jose, CA. Though she didn't stay there long because as a teenager she moved with her family to the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • The Bronx Casket Co., a band from New York, wrote a song called "sherimoon" on their 2005 album Hellectric in honor of Sheri Moon Zombie.

    • Sheri co-hosted the acclaimed Spookshow International radio show on Indie 1031 in Los Angeles with her husband Rob in 2005.

    • Sheri's favorite song by her husband, Rob Zombie, is "Blood, Milk, Sky".

    • White walls are not allowed in the Zombie home because it makes Rob feel like he is at a Dentist's Office.

    • There is only one spot in the Zombie household that is devoid of horror. The guest room, which Sheri decorated with a soothing palette of greens and creams, does not have a monster in sight. "I wanted it to look like The Four Seasons," Sheri says.

    • Sheri never heard of Rob or White Zombie when she was introduced to him.

    • Other then Hot Topic, the following retailers also carry the Total Skull clothing line: Disasterpiece (Australia), Mame Clothing (Australia), Las Vegas Motorheads (Las Vegas), Halloween Town (North Hollywood), and Romer Ink and Tatto (Brighton, CO).

    • Sheri Moon Zombie and Bill Moseley won the 'Relationship From Hell' award at the Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards in 2006 for their roles as Baby and Otis in Devil's Rejects.

    • Aside from starring in Rob Zombie videos, Sheri has also appeared in Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society, "Stillborn" in 2006 and Prong, "Rude Awakening" in 1996.

    • The Zombies share there home with five pets: 1 Pug (Dracula) and 4 Cats (Lily, Boris, Spooky, and Frankenstein).

    • Sheri and the rest of the "Firefly Clan" took home the "Most Vile Villain" award at the 2006 Scream Awards

    • Sheri is featured on both soundtracks for House of a 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects

    • Sheri Moon and Rob Zombie presented awards at the Chainsaw Awards on October 22, 2006 and at the Scream Awards on Spike TV on October 10, 2006.

    • Sheri was interested in doing cartoon voice overs before Rob suggested that she act in his first film, House of a 1000 Corpses.

    • Sheri has appeared in every music video for Rob Zombie's solo career.

    • Even though her husband is a passionate horror fan, she isn't strictly a diehard fan of horror.

    • Sheri's favorite movie is the 1974 comedy Young Frankenstein.

    • Sheri is owns her own clothing line, "Total Skull" which debuted in May 2006.

    • In 2004, she had a brief appearance in the film Toolbox Murders, the only film she has been in not directed by her husband Rob Zombie.

    • On October 31, 2002 she eloped with long time boyfriend Robert Cummings (also known as Rob Zombie ) after almost 13 years of dating.

  • Quotes

    • Sheri: I went to broadcasting school, before I met Rob. I wanted to do characters for animation, I wanted to do voice-overs. I was also sort of exploring maybe becoming a VJ or being some sort on-camera personality.

    • Sheri:(On the craziest accusation) That I was a stripper, that one kind of pissed me off. I was never a stripper. I think it got misconstrued because I am, I was and still am, a dancer. I would choreograph the numbers, make the costumes, and dance on tour with Rob. I think people hear the word dancer and have the association stripper. When all the press initially came out for The Devil's Rejects, it was in some national newspapers. I was just like, "Oh great. Of course it's in my hometown newspaper". I don't want people reading that.

    • Sheri: Total Skull represents a TOTAL SENSE for what cool chicks and rockin dudes like to wear. TOTAL SKULL is for those people. People that like to Rock - TOTAL ROCK!

    • Sheri: I would love to travel to year 3000 to see the state dear planet Earth is in...

    • Sheri: The most bizarre thing a fan has ever done is get a tattoo of my face on his arm.

    • Sheri: Rob and I met in 1993 at Toad's place in new haven, ct. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend. It was love at first sight and we haven't been apart from each other for more than 13 days since!

    • Sheri: I've been with my husband Rob (Zombie) for about 13 years, I go on the road with him and I work on tour, dancing on stage during the shows. But when I was a kid, of course, I wanted to be famous, but I just never pursued it. I actually wanted to do voice-overs, like cartoon voices or something.

    • Sheri:(On who she would like to work with) There are so many people I would like to work with. Let's go with Gene Wilder in some kinda comedy, I like Goldie Hawn-I would love to work with her

    • Sheri: If I wasn't an actress, dancer or designer, I have absolutely no idea what I would be doing with my life-maybe making cupcakes and cookies and selling them, I make yummy ones!

    • Sheri:(on playing Baby) Well, Baby's so much fun to play. I mean, especially in Devil's Rejects, there's moments where she's so light and then a flip of a switch, you see the evil in her eye. That was so fun, to turn it on and off like that, for me.

    • Sheri:(On working with Rob) I see him from the beginning when he just starts writing. So I'm sort of there throughout the whole process, but he really has an eye and he can see the end product, which none of us could see because it's not our vision. He really follows through. As far as an actor working with him, I really don't get special favors. I think he treats each actor equally, but on an individual basis because everyone has different personalities. I think for him to get what he wants, he maybe has to coddle somebody but for another actor, he may just say, "Okay, do it like this," and then they'll go and do it. So each person is dealt with their own deck of cards.

    • Sheri: (on playing a victim) It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of hard work to make that transition. Every day, it was a really frenetic shooting schedule. We would do sometimes seven, eight setups a day. So there was no time to think about it. I did all my preparation before we started shooting. We had some rehearsals. I sort of knew how [Rob] was going to do each scene, so when you get there on the day, we would do a little walk through, a little rehearsal, block it, shoot it. So for me, I went really prepared. But, it was great to see Baby go do that. It was a nice transition for her to be victim and victimizer.

    • Sheri: I have four [tattoos]. One is a devil, an angel and a heart that says 'Rob'. One is a cover-up of flowers on my back shoulder. On the inside of my wrists I have purple/yellow skull and crossbones.

  • A classy actress with a rocker husband who knows how to "Rock It With Love"

    Sheri Moon Zombie, the lovely wife of the great Rob Zombie. Stole hearts in the cult classic House of 1000 Corpses and the sequel Devil's Rejects. Playing one of the main characters, Baby, she lured victims with her sex appeal and charm. But Sheri Moon isn't as crazy as her characters make her out to be, this beautiful woman would rather have a coozy evening at home than go out and party on the town. After seeing HOTC and Devil's Rejects, I found Baby's character to be fun and spontantous, and I knew that someone who was truly great can make such a twisted character so appealing. Sheri is a great role model who has followed her dreams and enjoys life. I truly believe she is one of the greatest actresses of all time and I am honored to edit her!moreless
  • beauty for a new generation.

    even as a fellow female I'm not ashamed to say House of 1000 Corpses (and more recently Devil's Rejects)star Sheri Moon is the sexiest, glamourous, most beautiful actress out there. This barbie doll blonde has increadible character range and talent, and is destined for greatness. (and being married to rob Zombie shoulden't hurt her chances for stardom either...)